Thursday, November 05, 2009

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Evony went from beta to live in May 2009.

I've been playing since before blogworld. I remember getting online in Las Vegas at some point during blogworld to buy some coin to raise my rank so i could build more cities when I got back to Dallas.

The above picture is inside your city walls. The picture below is outside, other cities, swamps, mountain ranges and other cities to scout.

The concept is simple, build farms for food, quarrys for stone to build your walls, lumber mills for wood that your archers will need and iron mines for the metal to arm your troops. Yes this IS a war game. I returned from Las Vegas to find that i had been scouted and plundered, over, and over, and over, and over, and over.... they started by scouting me then stealing food. without food, your armies go awol. over and over over again, because before you go to sleep or go to work, or whenever you have time you are building your army, or armies if you have 4 cities like i do. Which looks really cool but is a very stupid idea. You really want to build one city all the way up, plunder the barbarian cities around you to build up prestige.

With prestige you can then join an alliance which satisfies your quest requirements, (oh.. the whole thing is a quest, so you always have a new goal to reach for rewards.)

Speaking of the quest... Dear Evony... i understand that players purchasing things fund game development, etc.. and if the only way to get medals and advance is to buy medals... that's totally ok.. otherwise, please increase the frequency of drops so others unlike myself, (a general marquis or is it Earl.. anyways.. lol - i do have 4 cities... ), who didnt buy their titles, (the old fashioned way?), can move up and stop complaining about never getting the lower end medals, etc.. OR.. is it just supposed to be really hard and they should level up and stop complaining?
I just bought the medals.. and went on.

Anyways... it's a really fun game.. it does take time.. if you ignore it for more than 12 hours you can come back and find your self slipping backwards, not enough food to feed the troops, someone used workers as trap prods.. then used warriors as meat shields for the archers towers.. Loss of prestige and armies. This is not a game for people who want quick results... some of the skills required to unlock certain soldier types, take 67 hours to learn, (started these before i left for blogworld and they were done when i came back).

Check out - and if you play, get on server 69. Settle in the land of Bohemia.. and if you are going to keep playing after the trial period, (p.s. if you are going to keep playing, buy game coins right at the end of your beginner's trial period, it's a killer deal and i wish i would have bought some game coin then.), then join the Ateam.

Happy Questing.

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