Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Laptop with credit card info for 80,000 DOJ workers stolen

Computerworld: "The FBI and Fairfax, Va., police are investigating the theft of a laptop containing the names and credit card numbers of about 80,000 U.S. Department of Justice workers. "

Critics Are Saying 'That's Too Hot' of Sexy Carl's Jr. Ad

Newsday.com: "As in a racy music video, a scantily clad Paris Hilton cavorts with a water hose as she washes a black Bentley, while singer Eleni Mandell's sultry version of Cole Porter's 'I Love Paris' pulsates throughout."

Paris Hilton Commercial

Paris Hilton Commercial


Garnet Hertz - Experiments in Galvanism: Frog with Implanted Webserver [Project Documentation]

Garnet Hertz - Experiments in Galvanism: Frog with Implanted Webserver [Project Documentation]: "Experiments in Galvanism is the culmination of studio and gallery experiments in which a miniature computer is implanted into the dead body of a frog specimen. Akin to Damien Hirst's bodies in formaldehyde, the frog is suspended in clear liquid contained in a glass cube, with a blue ethernet cable leading into its splayed abdomen. The computer stores a website that enables users to trigger physical movement in the corpse: the resulting movement can be seen in gallery, and through a live streaming webcamera."

Mom Indicted for Hiring Stripper for Teen

Yahoo! News: "NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A mother faces criminal charges after she hired a stripper to dance at her 16-year-old son's birthday party. Anette Pharris, 34, has been indicted by a grand jury on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and involving a minor in obscene acts. The boy's father, the stripper and two others also face charges. "

Camera phones wear out welcome

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "At Apple Computer's shareholder meeting in April, attendees weren't allowed to take pictures. So what did security personnel check for, among other things? Cell phones."

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Easy to Implement Security Improvements

IT Observer - : "If your organization looks at security as a product that comes off the shelf, you will always need another product to help address security issues. As your organization makes each additional purchase to improve security, you will see a diminishing return on your investments. "

Who's helping the victims of data theft?

Cranky Consumer: "In the past several months, a parade of household names -- from Polo and Time Warner to MCI and Bank of America -- have been sending out 'oops' letters apologizing for leaving laptops around that are chock full of private data or issuing news releases about possible credit-card theft. "

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Adholes: "Adholes.com is a mob-blogging and social networking site for the advertising industry. Through Netmodular's relevance engine, the site stays fresh with blogs and commentary by ensuring the most popular blogs and people are rewarded with a high level of visability. "

The Evolution of Web Search

Yahoo! Finance - Tech Insider : "As we've become completely immersed in the Internet era, Google has become a verb, librarians are increasingly lonely, and most of us have mastered the basics of Boolean logic--without even knowing exactly what it is. We've become a society of information managers, navigating huge amounts of data with ease and expertly tracking down obscure facts and figures."

Google Searches Its Soul

Business Week: "The Web search king wants to offer portal-like features without cluttering its site. Can it pull it off? "

Yahoo! Catches Google, Targets Internet Phone Market

Scribe Journal: - The National Ledger: "A little more than four years ago, Yahoo was mired in the same dot-com quicksand that had engulfed Silicon Valley and erased billions of dollars in market capitalization from its technological firms. At that time, newcomer Google was mesmerizing the world of search engine technology with its enormous index of Web pages and the speed of its crawlers. "

Seven Laws of Information Risk Management

mysan.de - be updated -: "1. Your partners and employees will steal from you
As globalization and interconnectedness increases without proper
vetting and security, employees, customers and trading partners can
accidentally corrupt your data or cause regulatory compliance issues
through misuse of the data. In the worst-case scenario, they can steal
confidential data and sell it.

Firms can find ways to guard personal data

Inside Bay Area - On the Move: "STEALING SOCIAL SECURITY numbers and other sensitive data isn't always a cloak-and-dagger, ultra-sophisticated operation: It's often a low-tech job made easier by carelessness and flimsy safeguards. "

Cellphone industry starts shifting gears

International Herald Tribune:

Now that most people in the Western world have mobile phones, the cellular industry is turning its attention to machines. To be sure, machine-to-machine mobile communications, or M2M, has been available for more than 15 years, from systems like Mobitex, originally developed by Ericsson, and Vodafone's Paknet. These narrowband radio networks provide highly secure, reliable communications for things like bank machines, security systems, vehicle tracking and messaging.

More than 100,000 notified of possible record theft

USATODAY.com : " More than 100,000 customers of Wachovia (WB) and Bank of America (BAC) have been notified that their financial records may have been stolen by bank employees and sold to collection agencies."

Experts offer tips to stop ID thieves

KRT Wire : "NEW YORK - (KRT) - The letters warning of identity theft started going out in April, and not just a few of them. More than 180,000 Polo Ralph Lauren customers who used credit cards for their purchases received letters from HSBC bank saying their names and card numbers had been compromised. There was a security breach of Polo's data bank."

New virus attacks computers

KGET TV 17 : "BAKERSFIELD - There's a new computer scam claiming more and more victims. The victim is known as pharming."

Computer hacker demands ransom

icWales : "Computer users already anxious about viruses and identity theft have new reason to worry: Hackers have found a way to lock up the electronic documents on your computer and then demand �110 over the internet to get them back."

Fear the kittens.

Fear the kittens. Music- Laibach - Tanz Mit Laibach, animation by Joel Veitch, rathergood.com - I'd seen a bunch of these but not this one....

Monday, May 23, 2005

Search Engine Marketing Growing More Complex

Search Engine Journal: "Working out a marketing plan for new and evolving websites is a bit more complicated than it used to be. There are a few new things to be considered before embarking on a search marketing campaign than in previous years. Search marketing has become more important and is thus becoming more professional. With growing acceptance of online communication tools, and a number of alterations to the faces of search engines themselves, the marketing arena has
been upgraded from a three-ring circus venue to a Super Bowl sized stadium."

it's about time you guys caught up!!!

New twist on 'phishing' scam - 'pharming'

csmonitor.com: "'The pharmers are coming! The pharmers are coming!' Hang warning lanterns all over the Internet: It's under attack by a new scam.
For two years users have been hearing about 'phishing,' the sending of bogus e-mails - allegedly from a bank or other online business - by criminals who hope to hook the unwary. Those who bite by clicking on a hyperlink in the e-mail are shipped off to a phony but authentic-looking website and asked to enter sensitive information. If they type in their passwords or account numbers, thieves have that data."

Boomers Shake Up the Internet

Strong Usage by Tomorrow's Seniors Means Big Changes for Market : "NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 05/19/2005 -- Marketers and the media are waking up to the power of older consumers online, as the oldest baby boomers prepare to turn 60 in 2006. "

Internet Takes Larger Role at Catalog Conference

DMNews.com: "A larger Internet presence at next week's Annual Catalog Conference compared with the event in prior years reflects not only an overall strategy by the Direct Marketing Association to incorporate the world of interactive into the organization, but also the way the DM industry is headed. "

Research Shows 96% of Senior Marketers believe Cross-channel Sales & Marketing will Become More Important...

.. but Only 32% Understand It and Its Relevance to eCommerce: "Pasadena, CA (PRWEB) May 17, 2005 -- We define cross channel sales & marketing as not only reaching customers through multiple channels of distribution (direct and indirect), but taking advantage of one channel to drive sales in another, e.g. using online sales to drive customers to a retail store, in-store activity to drive direct response sales, or direct sales to drive reseller sales. Historically, channel conflict was a major concern, which has caused some companies to lose sleep and market position. Now we can use technology and multiple channels to benefit revenue and profit. A few companies have moved beyond simple eCommerce to reach customers through one channel so that they may buy through another."

Organised crime has come a long way since the Krays used to terrorise local businessman.

The Fear Factor - Computing: "Back in the 1960s, it was common for a new business to receive a visit from a gentleman with a flashy suit and expensive motor. While the proprietor of the business was still wandering how such a cocky young upstart could afford these luxuries, the brash gunslinger would hit him hard. This is a nice business you've got here, he'd begin. Wouldn't it be a tragedy if someone was to come along and trash it? You could lose all your customers overnight. Once they've been scared off they'll never come back, he'd point out. He'd follow up this advice with what modern salesmen call a leading question, like 'and we don't want to get the police involved in this, do we?'"

Scope of bank data theft grows to 676,000 customers

Computerworld : "What is thought to be the largest US banking security breach in history has gotten even bigger.

The number of bank accounts accessed illegally by a New Jersey cybercrime ring has grown to 676,000, according to police investigators. That's up from the initial estimate of 500,000 accounts police last month said had been breached."

OnePurdue replaces 30-year-old administrative system.

The Exponent - campus: "Using Social Security numbers to identify yourself to Purdue is a problem.

The issue of using the numbers surfaced after another security breach that involved more than 11,000 people. This is the third time in the past year that Purdue has announced a computer security breach in which personal information has been accessed."

A Hacker Break-In Scrambles Kellogg

Business Week: "Thousands of students, alumni, and faculty have their personal info compromised. "

MCI: employee data was on stolen laptop

ABC News: "May 23, 2005 - NEW YORK (Reuters) - A laptop computer containing the names and Social Security numbers of about 16,500 current and former employees of MCI Inc. was stolen last month, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday."

Sober ready to ruin your Monday

Security Bytes: "Sober set to strike again
After tearing through the Internet earlier this month by promising tickets for the 2006 World Cup in Germany, the Sober-N worm dropped the Sober-Q Trojan on compromised machines and began spewing messages of German nationalism. Now, CipherTrust researchers say, that Trojan will be receiving new instructions that could include a more destructive payload than merely sending out spam. "

Hackers use new tricks to steal IDs

South Florida Sun-Sentinel: "Tactics known as 'pharming' and 'evil twins' among latest schemes used to con users into supplying personal data over Web"

We stopped computer worm, say German experts

IOL: Computers / IT: "Bonn - German Internet security experts declared victory on Monday in an attempt to head off a computer virus before it spreads through millions of personal computers worldwide."

Identity theft risk widens at Valdosta State

Rome News - Tribune: "VALDOSTA � A computer identity breach at Valdosta State University has widened, with authorities now saying up to 40,000 people could have had their Social Security numbers accessed by a computer hacker last week."

Friday, May 20, 2005

Information Technology Association welcomes task force report on e-mail spam

cp technology news : "OTTAWA (CP) - Canada is in position to be at the 'forefront of nations' building policy to combat spam e-mail, an industry group said Tuesday. "

TechPoint Foundation Names ExactTarget Information Technology Company of the Year

TMCNet: "INDIANAPOLIS --(Business Wire)-- May 16, 2005 -- On-demand email software provider ExactTarget was honored with the Information Technology Company of the Year Award by TechPoint, the leading change agent for Indiana's technology industry. Key considerations for the award are profitability, sustainability, impact on the industry and market, and accomplishments as an outstanding corporate citizen. In 2004, ExactTarget received TechPoint's Gazelle Award, which is given to the leading technology company in business less than three years from the initial commercialization of its principal products or services. "

Wineries Toast Supreme Court Ruling on Interstate Sales

law.com - Article: "The Supreme Court gave a cork-popping victory to the wine industry Monday, striking down state laws that barred consumers from receiving direct shipment of wines from out-of-state wineries. "

WFTV.com - Action 9 - A New Age For Wine Sellers

WFTV.com - Action 9 - A New Age For Wine Sellers: "The Supreme Court Has Overturned Laws That Bar Out-Of-State Wine Shipments. That's Good News For Small Vintners And Consumers"

Calif. firm will pay Missouri $15,000 for No Call violation

BizJournals: "A Fresno, Calif., telemarketing firm will pay the state $15,000 and refrain from calling Missouri consumers for five years as part of a settlement agreement with Attorney General Jay Nixon. "

L.A. Angels deemed 'false advertising' for Anaheim team

Duluth News Tribune | 05/17/2005 : "SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The California Assembly decided Monday that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are engaged in what amounts to false advertising and approved a bill that would require the team to disclose on their tickets, ads and other promotional material that its home is in Anaheim."

TechTarget's Targeted Media Properties for Fifth Consecutive Year

TechTarget Media Again Named One of the Fifty Most Powerful B-to-B Advertising Venues: "TechTarget Media Again Named One of the Fifty Most Powerful B-to-B Advertising Venues; BtoB's ''Media Power 50'' Selects TechTarget's Targeted Media Properties for Fifth Consecutive Year"

Globetechnology: Cellphone acting sick? Might be a virus

Globetechnology: Cellphone acting sick? Might be a virus: "Computer viruses recently passed a milestone: The first ones aimed at electronic devices other than computers have started appearing 'in the wild' rather than just in laboratory settings. "

Industry executives ask for new notification law

Industry executives ask for new notification law: "An industry group is asking Congress to pass a law requiring companies to notify consumers of security breaches, in part to stem the tide of state laws that threaten to create a patchwork of regulations. "

Enforcing Network Integrity

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Journal :: Feature: "Compliance Strategies in the Age of Material Weaknesses"

IT Observer - Securing 'strange' Wi-Fi devices

IT Observer - Securing 'strange' Wi-Fi devices: "Wireless security software company Columbitech announced at the recent Interop trade show in Las Vegas a potential plug for the gap. "

Bank urges caution after possible security breach

MetroWest Daily News - Local News Coverage: The Social Security numbers and other confidential account information of about 750 Westborough Bank costumers may be in the hands of a convicted felon with a history of fraud, the bank president told customers this week.

More Indentity Theft news..

Guest Viewpoint: We need to keep our numbers to ourselves - The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, USA: "Guest Viewpoint: We need to keep our numbers to ourselves"

The password is Tinkerbell.

Quad-City Times Newspaper Online - the Quad-Cities Home Page: "How young hackers hit the jackpot with Paris Hilton�s phone"

Passports to be hacker proof, says govt

Passports to be hacker proof, says govt: "New high-tech passports to be rolled out from October this year will be computer hacker-proof, a Senate inquiry has heard."

ok... so let's throw the gauntlet..... geesh... i guess that is a good way to test it.

Techworld.com - US federal agencies leave wireless networks open

Techworld.com - US federal agencies leave wireless networks open: "US federal agencies need to improve controls over their wireless networks, according to a report from the US Government Accountability Office."

Trend Micro to provide integrated protection for mobile devices

Trend Micro to provide integrated protection for mobile devices running on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0: "Trend Micro to provide integrated protection for mobile devices running on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0"

Former Clarksville police chief on trial

NEW BOSTON, Texas-A Department of Public Safety sergeant testified Tuesday that documentation on a stolen computer was changed to cover up a theft in which a former police chief is implicated.


Thursday, May 19, 2005

Tech Girl from Texas

Tech Girl from Texas - Thirty-something girl who is a full-blown nerd... living near the telecom corridor in Dallas. Fascinated by how things work... love to ask questions and get comments from others. Come & play with me...

Monday, May 16, 2005

More about the vagueness of Sarbanes-Oaxley

Dan Phillips, CEO of SilverBack Technologies: "What is the single most challenging
Sarbanes-Oxley issue today?"

Former employee in custody in theft of records from San Jose Medical Group

KESQ NewsChannel 3 Palm Springs, CA: "SAN JOSE, Calif. A former branch manager at a South Bay medical group is in custody after being charged with stealing computers that contained the confidential records of nearly 185-thousand patients."

Lawmakers say identity theft measure likely to pass this session

Newsday.com: Lawmakers say identity theft measure likely to pass this session: "ALBANY, N.Y. -- Proposals that would crack down on identity theft and boost protections for personal and financial information are gaining critical support and headed toward law this year, said key New York lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. "

It's time to watch our remote workers who are telecommuting.

SC Magazine: "The well-publicized cases of information leakage in recent news articles have brought to light the risks of the borderless enterprise. "

Computer hacking strikes hospital

Northwest Indiana News: nwitimes.com: "HEALTH CARE: Medical center lost line of credit, but now starting to profit again after months in the red"

Friday, May 13, 2005

Two students investigated for identity theft at high school

ABC7Chicago.com : Hackers allegedly accessed Social Secuity numbers of school's entire student body"

Defense Department hacker gets 21-month sentence - Computerworld

Defense Department hacker gets 21-month sentence - Computerworld: "Defense Department hacker gets 21-month sentence
The attack was launched by international hacking gang Thr34t Krew"

Another Finger?

CNN.com - Man says he found�severed finger in his custard - May 2, 2005

Free Frosty Weekend @ Wendy's

Welcome to Wendy's

Human For Sale - Home - How much are you worth?

I am worth $3,046,330 on HumanForSale.com

The Straight Dope: What's the origin of the paisley design?

The Straight Dope: What's the origin of the paisley design? - i do like cashews...

America First sets a hook for phishers

deseretnews.com - America First Credit Union has declared open season on "phishers." Phishing, a term used to describe e-mail schemes designed to obtain personal, financial and other information for fraudulent use, is a rapidly increasing problem for Internet users and businesses.
On Wednesday, America First announced the creation of a new "Anti-Phishing Team," comprising representatives of the credit union's security, network systems, electronic support and services, audit, call center, marketing and executive divisions. Their charge, according to America First senior vice president of electronic services Rich Syme, is to improve monitoring of suspicious activity, develop additional identity verification controls, assist credit union members who believe they have been victimized or solicited via "phishing" schemes, and improve alerting procedures so that members know about these schemes faster.
"That's really the key to solving this problem, education," Syme said. "People need to know not to give their account information. A legitimate financial institution will never solicit a depositor's or member's account number, PIN number or Visa card number. There would be no reason for us to send an e-mail to someone, saying 'We don't know your account number. Can you help us?'"
However, that's just what's happening, and with greater frequency, according to the latest report from the Anti-Phishing Working Group, a Massachusetts-based organization comprising business and law enforcement agencies worldwide. APWG reported that the average monthly growth rate in phishing sites increased 28 percent from July 2004 through March 2005, and that the financial services sector is the most-targeted industry for phishing attacks. Financial services averaged 81 percent of all "hijacked brands" in March 2005, the latest monthly data available.
And, according to the APWG's report, "In this (financial services) category, phishing attacks have been reported against community banks and credit unions in addition to well-known institutions with global brands."
Syme said the number of reported phishing schemes has "remained consistent" at America First. To address the issue, the credit union established an e-mail address to which members and others may report suspected phishing activity. All messages sent to that address will be referred to security, network and support teams and, when appropriate, the Utah Cybercrimes Task Force. Senders also will receive information back from America First about what to do if they feel their personal information has been compromised.
America First is the latest financial institution to announce tougher measures, but it isn't the only one. Most banks and credit unions provide information, warnings and methods to report phishing schemes or other fraud.
Robert Brough, spokesman for Salt Lake-based Zions Bank, said Zions has a team in place "whose sole responsibility it is to protect the bank and its customers against criminals."
"We're certainly seeing that the criminals are getting smarter, using different methods to try to perpetrate their crimes," Brough said. "As a result, it behooves us as a financial institution to make sure we have the security measures in place to protect ourself. And, it also behooves the customer to know what's going on in their account."
Zions agrees that it will not ask customers via e-mail or by phone for personal or financial information. In fact, Brough said, "If you get e-mail or other correspondence, or if someone calls you on the telephone and you don't know who it is you're talking to, take whatever steps you need to to verify. Talk to your local branch manager, or call customer service. If there's a real problem, these people will know about it.
"Unless you initiated the call or contact, or unless you're certain who you're dealing with, you should not respond" to e-mail or other communication purportedly from your financial institution requesting personal or financial information, Brough said.
Wells Fargo Bank, at www.wellsfargo.com, provides safety tips and copies of recently reported phishing e-mails so customers can compare. The most recent, reported April 19, warns of possible "account theft" and requests account and Social Security numbers.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

MPA Press Releases - 2005 Kelly Awards

MPA Press Releases - 2005 Kelly Awards

Magazine Publishers of America

Magazine Publishers of America

Fast Company Now

Fast Company Now - When all else fails, add porno

WiMax - extremewimax.com

WiMax - extremewimax.com - Wireless (WiMax) info.

Record Number Of Broadband Lines Added In Q1


Judge Disarms Two Goliaths in Transcom vs. AT&T Case

Court backs Transcom’s status as enhanced services provider and rejects SBC’s contention.

IRVING, Texas – May 11, 2005 – Two giants, AT&T and SBC, ganged up on the little guy, Transcom, but this time the little guy won. The United States Bankruptcy Court in Dallas ruled in favor of Transcom and against SBC and AT&T on Transcom’s status as an enhanced services provider (ESP), paving the way for Transcom to resume its service agreement with AT&T and giving Transcom the validation it needs to continue doing business.

“For months we have been held hostage by SBC’s intimidation. They had been telling all Transcom customers and suppliers that we did not qualify for the ESP exemption and to stop doing business with us,” said Transcom CEO Scott Birdwell. “This ruling gave us the vindication we needed to continue doing business by offering quality services to our customers. SBC did considerable damage with their tactics, but we’re still here and ready to serve our loyal customer base.”

The saga began in April 2004 when the FCC ruled that a specific service offered by AT&T did not qualify for the ESP exemption. SBC used this AT&T ruling against legitimate ESPs, like Transcom, alleging that they were acting unlawfully. SBC pressured AT&T and other Transcom vendors and customers to stop doing business with Transcom. Coincidentally, right before the announced merger with SBC, AT&T asked Transcom to produce a ruling on their status within a period of days. Transcom was forced to seek the protection of the bankruptcy court due to SBC’s economic pressure and predatory practices. As part of the bankruptcy process, Transcom sought vindication of its position that it was an ESP entitled to the exemption, and the court agreed. In its ruling the Court clearly outlined the unique factors that qualify Transcom for the ESP exemption.

“The next step for us is to let our customers and suppliers in on the good news,” Birdwell said. “As we always have maintained, competition and innovation is a good thing, and with this ruling, our customers and suppliers can feel safe doing business with us again.”

With the pending mergers between both AT&T and SBC and Verizon and MCI, there is a growing concern that competition in the market place will be quashed and innovation cast to the side. This was evidenced by the testimony of a group of competitive local exchange carriers to the Senate Judiciary Committee last month where it was estimated that the two giants will control 80 percent of the market.

“SBC was acting in a monopolistic fashion with us – like a big bully, to put it more plainly,” adds Birdwell. “We bring an innovative solution to the market, and we are taking away customers from SBC. SBC can’t drive us out of business, and with this new ruling, we are here to stay. On a bigger scale, we feel like this was a victory for free enterprise and for the little guy.”

About Transcom Enhanced Services
Transcom Enhanced Services (TES) is a leading enhanced service provider specializing in the modification of the form and content of telephone calls and other communications to improve bandwidth efficiency, reduce costs and facilitate the development and provision of advanced applications. Established in 2003, TES uses state-of-the-art technology and a secure, privately managed packet-switched network to deliver cost-effective custom voice-over-IP solutions and converged IP applications to carriers and enterprise customers all over the world. More information is available at www.transcomus.com.

Timeline of events:

September 23, 2003 Ex Parte evidence submitted by Transcom in the AT&T petition distinguishing its services from those of AT&T

April 21, 2004 FCC rules that a specific AT&T service does not qualify for the ESP exemption, but reserves judgment on other, different services.

May 27, 2004 Transcom service is certified to AT&T as enhanced/information service per AT&T requirements.

July 22, 2004 AT&T announces it will no longer take local customers.

September 23, 2004 SBC sues Transcom and other companies for back access charges.

October 15, 2004 AT&T told Transcom that it had been contacted by SBC; Transcom requested copies of the documentation and AT&T refused to provide the information.

October 29, 2004 Transcom makes a presentation to SBC affirming Transcom’s ESP standing

January 24, 2005 AT&T sent letter to Transcom stating that SBC had again contacted them and provided information that made it appear Transcom was violating their local services agreement.

January 26, 2005 Transcom responded, again asked for the information provided by SBC and reinforced its status as a legitimate ESP. AT&T again refuses to disclose the information it later uses as a basis to refuse service to Transcom.

January 28, 2005 AT&T demanded Transcom produce either a ruling from a regulatory authority or court on their status or a letter from SBC stating they were terminating traffic lawfully by February 4, 2005.

January 28, 2005 AT&T demanded that disputed billings be paid and a six-figure deposit made within 48 hours or their relationship would be immediately terminated; this demand was in violation of the original agreement between AT&T and Transcom.

January 31, 2005 SBC announced its intention to purchase AT&T.

February 1, 2005 Transcom told AT&T that it was ready to respond to allegations and willing to work to resolve any issues if it only knew what questions it had to answer.

February 2, 2005 AT&T declared Transcom in default because of non-payment of disputed billings and deposit.

February 14, 2005 AT&T suspends service with Transcom.

February 18, 2005 Transcom declares Chapter 11 bankruptcy because of pressure from SBC suit and AT&T suspension.

April 28, 2005 United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Texas rules that Transcom is, in fact, an enhanced services provider, rejecting AT&T and SBC’s claims to the contrary.

NextiraOne Becomes the Guardian of Converged Networks

New Information Security Practice to Provide Security Services for Mission Critical IP Telephony Networks.

HOUSTON – May 11, 2005 – For companies wanting to deploy IP telephony, security is no longer a big question mark – especially for financial institutions, hospitals and other mission critical organizations, where downtime is not an option. With extensive expertise in both voice and converged enterprise network environments and a reputation as a highly skilled enterprise communications solutions provider, NextiraOne, a Platinum Equity Company, today announced the introduction of its IP telephony information security practice. This development is a logical next step for NextiraOne in helping its large base of PBX clients manage and prepare for the eventual migration to IP communications platforms.

“Companies have come to expect their voice systems to work and be protected all the time, and when they convert from traditional PBX systems to IP networks, that expectation doesn’t go away,” said NextiraOne CEO Dale Booth. “Most IT departments are not staffed or equipped to adequately secure their converged networks. Our clients needed an experienced and reliable ally to secure their converged networks and we are filling that void with our new security offerings.”

NextiraOne will roll out the information security practice over the next few months and work with leading players to offer a suite of services designed to help clients plan for and manage the security of their communications networks. The practice will address end-to-end security needs for converged networks through education, consulting and managed security services. The initial launch will include two distinct security education courses targeted at key technology stakeholders within the client organization. The first offering is designed to prepare clients for CISSPĂ’ (Certified Information System Security Professional) certification. This service is being offered in affiliation with the (ISC)2 (International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc.) This level of certification represents the gold standard in the information security field. This certification process helps clients gain knowledge and understanding in all critical security domains such as applications and systems development security as well as business continuity and disaster recovery planning. The second offering is a Voice over IP (VoIP) security education seminar designed to help clients implement proper security measures in a VoIP environment.

Future service offerings will be centered on security planning and design, vulnerability assessment and management, and compliance testing. NextiraOne will offer a host of managed and professional services to meet the growing security needs and support of converged network clients. Specific security consulting and managed services will be announced in the coming months.

“Traditional network security may be effective in protecting traditional data networks, but adding IP telephony introduces a new layer of concerns for an information security team,” adds Booth. “Our new offerings will help our clients secure their converged networks to make them as reliable as the traditional PBX systems they replace.”

With more than 40,000 client sites installed and over half of the Fortune 50 companies as clients, NextiraOne has a rich history and strong base of experience in the telephony marketplace.

About NextiraOne
NextiraOne North America is a leading provider of integrated enterprise network, IP telephony, voice and data solutions and services that enable effective business communications. Built on a foundation of telecommunications industry experience dating back to the 1970s, the company’s expertise ranges from planning to the implementation, support and management of traditional, IP and converged voice and data communications networks. NextiraOne also provides solutions featuring best-in-class technologies from leading manufacturers and vendors. The company offers consultation and solutions development ranging from contact center applications to unified messaging and IP telephony. NextiraOne also provides the professional services, including information security services, required to make these applications and networks efficient, reliable and secure. The NextiraOne companies enjoy a rich history that has been woven from the fabric of Williams Communications Solutions, Milgo Solutions, Racal-Datacom, Timeplex and Executone. For more information, please visit www.NextiraOne.com.

NextiraOne is owned by Platinum Equity (www.platinumequity.com), a global acquisition firm specializing in the strategic operation of mission-critical services and solutions businesses according to a unique M&A&OSM model of value creation.

Technology Business Council of the Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce

Technology Business Council of the Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce: "The mission of the Technology Business Council is to establish and sustain the position of the Dallas and Fort Worth region as the broadest and deepest technology center in the world."

Monday, May 09, 2005

The Liddle Effect: why three out of four women spy on their men

News: It notoriously did for the marriage of journalist Rod Liddle (who's in trouble again, see below). Careless texts cost Becks dearly, too. Small wonder that more and more women are turning sleuth to test the fidelity of their men. Andrew Johnson reports

Friday, May 06, 2005

'Wi-Phishing' Threatens Wireless Internet Connections

Let your laptop do the dialing

The new telephony: Let your laptop do the dialing

Data providers and lawmakers expressed support for tempered data breach notification legislation at a House Financial Services Committee hearing this

DMNews.com | News | Article: "House Committee Talks Data Breach Notification"

Hackers Keep Up With Every High-Tech Development

Newhouse A1: "Keeping safe on the Internet used to seem simple: Don't open strange files and attachments sent with e-mail messages.

Ah, the good old days.

During the past year, technology professionals say, the computer netherworld has grown more devious, resourceful and organized. Honing an expanded arsenal of sinister tricks -- ploys with bizarre names such as 'phishing,' 'pharming' and 'drive-by downloads' -- digital bad guys have turned the world of Web sites into a virtual hall of mirrors.

Search engines can be fooled to spit back nefarious information. Music, video and photo files have been seeded with malicious software. The mere act of visiting a Web site can make your personal computer sick.

And no longer is it just your PC at risk. As digital technology reaches into living room entertainment centers, the car in your driveway and the Internet-connected refrigerator of the future, nasty folks are finding additional opportunities to hack into your life for fun and, increasingly, for profit.

Next-generation viruses are targeting hand-held computers and mobile phones. Some cell phones can get infected if you simply walk too close to another infected phone. One bug dials itself to all your contacts, running up everyone's bill. Another ruins your mobile phone. A virus in Japan has caused cell phones to flood emergency lines with calls.

Wireless Internet networks pose especially juicy targets. Electronic hackers (dubbed 'evil twins') can mimic your Wi-Fi access service, intercepting everything sent from your laptop at the local cyber cafe, where coffee is served along with wireless Internet access.

'Wireless is growing ... more quickly than the security guys can devise solutions,' said Wade Trappe, a professor at Rutgers University's Wireless Information Network Labo"

Expert: Cell phone virus threat is overblown

Expert: Cell phone virus threat is overblown

poland vodka

poland - really good vodka in Poland..

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Internet Advertising Awards

Internet Advertising Awards - Web Marketing Association Announcing Winners of the 2005 Internet Advertising Competition Awards

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - The Web Marketing Association announces the winners of its annual Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards, an effort to honor excellence in online advertising and to recognize the individuals and organizations responsible for the best in Internet marketing. The IAC Awards are the first and only industry-based advertising award competition dedicated exclusively to online advertising. The Competition web site with a complete list of winners is located at www.advertisingcompetition.org

"Online advertising is finally getting the recognition it deserves and The Web Marketing Association is pleased to help set the standard for Internet excellence," said William Rice, president of the Web Marketing Association, Inc. "Spending for online advertising continues to grow rapidly and the IAC Awards highlight the best in this unique advertising medium by industry."

2005 Best of Show Awards were awarded in each of the online medium categories. This year's winners include:

EVB, Inc. for Redwood Creek (Best of Show Online ad)
TMX Communications for Endo_Lidoderm Campaign (Best of Show Email Message Campaign)
she communications (Hong Kong) for Heineken Pulse (Best of Show Online Campaign)
Power Design for Wanda Sykes Cotton T-shirt Tour (Best of Show Email Message)
Organic, Inc. for Jeep Brand Web Site (Best of Show Integrated ad campaign), Jeep Trail Rated Challenge (Best of Show Interactive application) and ROBOTS - CONQUEST AD (Best of Show Rich Media Online Ad)
i33 Communications for Buick Email Re-contact Program (Best of Show Online Newsletter Campaign)
Agency.com for Someone To Turn To (Best of Show Rich Media Online Campaign) and Where Did The Time Go? (Best of Show Microsite/Landing Page)

Two agencies tied for the 2005 Top Agency Award, each winning 21 IAC Awards.

Organic, Inc. of Bloomfield Hills, MI received 21 IAC Awards, including Best of Show Integrated ad campaign for Jeep Brand Web Site, Best of Show Interactive application for Jeep Trail Rated Challenge and Best of Show Rich media Online ad for ROBOTS - CONQUEST AD.

TMX Communications of Conshohocken, PA for recognition of winning the most awards in the competition. TMX Communications took home 21 IAC Awards including Best of Show Email message campaign for Endo_Lidoderm Campaign.

Other IAC Award winners who received multiple awards included:

AGENCY (number of awards) JWT (11)
USDM.net (10)
Marketel-McCann Erickson (9)
Agency.com (6)
Beyond Interactive (6)
Wunderman (6)
Nurun/Ant Farm Interactive (5)
Avenue A | Razorfish (4)
Bridge Worldwide (4)
Bronwyn Communications (4)
GREY Direct Oy (4)
Internet Strategy Group (4)
Team One (4)
VML (4)

The Competition web site with a complete list of winners is located at www.advertisingcompetition.org

The 2005 Internet Advertising Competition is sponsored by, BURST! Media, Small Army Creative Services, AdTools, ExactTarget, OddCast, Line56 Media, and PRWeb.

About the Web Marketing Association

The Web Marketing Association is an organization working to create a high standard of excellence for Web site development and marketing on the Internet. Staffed by volunteers, it is made up of Internet marketing, advertising, PR and design professionals who share an interest in improving the quality of advertising, marketing and promotion used to attract visitors to Web sites. Since 1997, the Web Marketing Associations annual WebAward Competition has been helping interactive professionals promote themselves, their companies, and their best work to the outside world. Now in its ninth year, the WebAward Competitions have become the premier event for Web developers and marketers worldwide.

The Web Marketing Association is currently accepting entries for the ninth annual WebAward Competition for Web site development at www.2005webaward.org . Deadline for entry is June 1th.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

dallas morning news runs story about underage bloggers

Star Wars: Episode III | Good Charlotte Plays TRL's Star Wars Special

The Eye of God

Dallas Ad League - Spring Happy Hour 5/19 at Little Havana

Dallas Ad League - Spring Happy Hour 5/19 at Little Havana: "The Dallas Ad League is hosting a Spring Happy Hour, and we have specials for all attendees!
Location: Little Havana on 3520 Greenville Avenue, next to the Granada Theater.
Date/Time: Thursday, May 19, 5:30pm-7:30pm
Drinks: $2 any beer, $3 Mojitos, $1.00 off of everything else!
Parking: Plenty! Two lots to choose from.
Prize Drawing: $25 food gift certificate and much more! "

ABC News: al-Qaida Suspect Arrested in Pakistan

ABC News: al-Qaida Suspect Arrested in Pakistan

ISP-Planet - Politics - VoIP Court Ruling

ISP-Planet - Politics - VoIP Court Ruling

Why IT managers should pay attention to cell phone security

IT Manager's Journal

More Sober.O

KESQ NewsChannel 3 Palm Springs, CA: New computer virus causing headaches here in the Valley and around the world

Sober.O virus

IOL: Computers / IT: "Johannesburg - A new computer virus that has infected scores of computers worldwide has been detected, the NOD32 company said on Wednesday.

NOD32's chief executive officer Justin Stanford said the virus, Sober.O, was first detected on Tuesday and that it had been spreading rapidly via email.

According to Stanford, the virus was detected through NOD32's Virus Radar System.

'Over 100 000 infected samples have been collected in the last 24 hours, marking this as the worst virus onslaught of the year, said Stanford.

'Sober.O uses its own SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) engine to spread through email and create outgoing messages from a spoofed sender's address that may use the words 'admin', 'info', 'postmaster', and 'web master,' he added.

He said subject lines for these infected emails included a password, registration confirmation, blocked email, and mailing error.

The virus had rapidly risen to the number 2 spot in the top five, and continues to climb, he said.

Stanford said when the email attachment in the infected message was opened, Sober.O collected email addresses from local files and then used the addresses to send itself out to other computers.

'It will also attempt to delete many files on the system. Once a computer is infected, the virus locks the files in the system's memory so that they cannot be easily detected or removed by antivirus products,' he said.

For this reason it was important to detect the virus in a proactive way even before a signature update had been created, he adds.

He said Sober.O also sought and destroyed files in the registry that could potentially disable many anti-virus files and firewall programs. - Sapa "

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Cost of Securing the People's Privacy - Computerworld

The Cost of Securing the People's Privacy - Computerworld: "The Cost of Securing the People's Privacy
As a bill on consumer privacy heads to the legislature, our security manager has to do a fiscal impact analysis."

Genetic Engineering News - The Leading Publication in Biotechnology

Genetic Engineering News - The Leading Publication in Biotechnology: "LucidLink Makes HIPAA-Compliant Wireless Security Easy; Easy-to-Use Enterprise-Level Security Is Ideal for Healthcare Practices"

Mobile virus spreads to 20 countries

Netimperative - Mobile virus spreads to 20 countries

Consultant charged with computer theft

The Trentonian - News - 05/03/2005 - Consultant charged with computer theft

Oh, bring back my Blackberrry to me ...

Globetechnology: Oh, bring back my Blackberrry to me ...

Data missing on 600,000 Time Warner employees

Data missing on 600,000 Time Warner employees

Patients Not Notified That Their Health Records Were Stolen

TheDenverChannel.com - News - Patients Not Notified That Their Health Records Were Stolen

World Cup Virus

Internet security firms on Tuesday issued a high-level alert to computer users about the spread of the "Worms_Sober.S" virus, which makes recipients believe they have won tickets to the 2006 football World Cup.

Trend Micro placed the virus in its 'red alert' category, saying that "using social engineering techniques, it sends out an email supposedly sent by the soccer organization FIFA," offering tickets to the 2006 tournament in Germany.

US firm McAfee classified the virus as a "medium risk", saying the e-mail message, written in German, "specifically targets German users".

But Trend Micro and Panda Software said the virus could be spread in either English or German. Panda said it had attacked computers in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the United States. The e-mail includes correct contact information for a FIFA official.

A previous version of the "Sober" virus made users think that their private e-mails had gone to the wrong address, prompting them to open an infected attachment

Mistake caused military data leak

Globetechnology: Mistake caused military data leak

Google Search: national teacher day

Monday, May 02, 2005

Ad Agents for the Search Engines: Organic Search Engine Optimization : website trouble shooting, websit


Published: May 2, 2005

CONSIDER this somewhat strange development: search engines like Google and
Yahoo have become so proficient at attracting advertising that even
competitors, like newspapers and yellow pages publishers, are now selling
ads on their behalf.

Newspapers like The Houston Chronicle, which is owned by the Hearst
Corporation, and yellow pages publishers like the BellSouth Corporation and
SBC Communications have recently turned themselves into de facto agents for
the search engines in the small-business market, where the Internet
companies have had limited success.

Businesses like yellow pages publishers, which exist solely to serve the
local advertiser that Google and Yahoo covet, may appear to be cutting their
own throats by passing those customers onto the search engines. But the
publishers argue that they are taking advantage of the chance to make
additional money, while also studying the search engines closely enough to
determine a long-term strategy to compete with them.

Stephen Weis, a vice president and general manager at Chron.com, the
Chronicle's Web site, said that selling ads on the big search engines would
give his company a "pretty decent opportunity" to understand what its
competition was doing. "Google and Yahoo are definitely a threat, just like
TV and radio, but we can also learn from them and get better."

Last month, the Chronicle's Web site began helping clients put text ads on
Google, Yahoo and other search engines whenever an Internet user searched
for words related to the clients' businesses (keywords, in industry
parlance). Mr. Weis said that over the past year, he saw yellow pages
publishers like BellSouth offer similar services, "and I said 'Wait a
minute. We're missing an opportunity here.' "

That opportunity is similar to one spawned by eBay, which created a cottage
industry of independent businesses that help buyers and sellers manage the
online auction process. Likewise, Google and Yahoo are now served by a
phalanx of search engine marketing firms that help businesses decide which
keywords to link their advertisements with, and how much to bid for the
right to have their ads appear most prominently.

Local advertising is among the most important business opportunities left to
be exploited online, analysts said. Roughly six million small businesses
spend about $30 billion on offline ads each year, according to the Kelsey
Group, a consulting firm that specializes in local advertising. They are
only now turning to Internet marketing - partly because many consumers are
just now beginning to look for such information online.

According to the Internet research firm comScore Media Metrix, the number of
times users conducted Web searches for local information more than doubled
from January 2004 to February 2005, the latest month for which data are
available. (More than 421 million local Web searches were conducted in
February.) Internet yellow pages sites have also experienced increased
demand, to 188 million searches in February 2005, from 87 million searches
in January 2004, according to comScore.

Mr. Weis said that Chron.com's search engine efforts were partly a defensive
measure against other local marketing companies and partly a way to help
seed its own online advertising programs. For instance, he said the Web site
recently introduced a service where advertisers can bid for the right to
have text ads appear near stories related to their products or services.

"As we as a newspaper industry continue to get up to speed on how to play in
this space better than we have in the past, I want to have a relationship
with my advertisers," Mr. Weis said. "So when the next great thing comes
around that we want to offer, I'm not just introducing myself. They'll say,
'You know what, why not? You've helped me in the past.' "

So far, Mr. Weis said the sales effort had yielded positive results.

"A lot of clients are surprised we're offering this service - not in a
shocked way. They're saying 'Wow, this is cool.' "

The Chronicle splits the revenue it receives from search engine advertising
customers with TrafficLeader, a division of Marchex, a publicly held online
marketing company based in Seattle. TrafficLeader's technology analyzes the
Web sites of local advertisers, chooses which keyword advertisements to buy
on various search engines and manages the campaign until the advertiser has
received an agreed-upon number of clicks.

Last week, TrafficLeader announced that it had begun working with SBC to
sell search engine advertisements to clients of YellowPages.com, which SBC
operates in conjunction with BellSouth.

That initiative was prompted in part by BellSouth's already successful
search engine advertisement program, which the company introduced with
TrafficLeader a year ago. Ed Patterson, a BellSouth spokesman, declined to
say how many customers or how much money it had generated from the new
program, but he said it had shown "huge growth" in the last six months,
since BellSouth entered a formal partnership with Google.

Under that agreement, Google helped train BellSouth salespeople on how to
pitch Google's advertising services, among other things, and allowed
BellSouth to use Google's brand during the sales process. To date, it is the
only such agreement Google has announced with resellers of its advertising

Other yellow pages publishers are piggybacking on the popularity of search
engines in other ways. Superpages.com, which is owned by Verizon
Communications, for instance, buys ads on Google and other sites on behalf
of groups of advertisers, like shoe stores in a particular city. A user who
clicks on the Google ad that Verizon has purchased is taken to a
Superpages.com page with several stores listed. When a customer clicks on a
particular store's site, Superpages.com collects a fee from the merchant.

Jim Larrison, an analyst with comScore, said the local online market was
ripe for both search engines and yellow pages advertisers. As more Internet
users subscribe to high-speed connections and leave them on continuously, he
said, more users are relying on the Web to get information about local
businesses. Yellow pages publishers have also stepped up efforts to attract
their print customers to online destinations, while Google and Yahoo have
also started local search services.

One nagging question, though, is whether small businesses will eventually
wean themselves from the yellow pages and newspaper publishers and work
directly with the search engines.

Greg Sterling, an analyst with the Kelsey Group, said such a change "could
happen in five or seven years. But with the current generation of
advertisers, the idea of self-service is a challenge."

Meanwhile, the search engines are understandably pleased with the help they
are getting.

"If an advertiser prefers to have a relationship with them, that's fine,"
said Gaude Paez, a Yahoo spokeswoman. "We don't really see them as

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