Thursday, January 23, 2014

GoDaddy - Bodybuilder - A New Image?

A New Image.

Instead of bikini babes...let's try...

a Reversal of Sexism in Super Bowl Ads to target Females?

From female to male nudity?

I'm NOT going to look closely at this video.. someone will...
Implied wardrobe malfunction with Danica as a distraction?

Wait.. GoDaddy changed their image?? 

From scantily clad bikini babes to almost naked beefcake?

Body issues much?

I guess Body Builders need spray tans??

Lol.. what did GoDaddy provide?

20% off.. a discount for spray tans.. so basically spray tan

store owner did a groupon? (giggles)

Groupon? 20% OFF 
Does goDaddy do Groupon type things? Is that the message they want to get across to super bowl ad viewers?

Was it an email campaign, a domain, hosting services, website design or implied, but not provided search engine optimization?

i.e. get found. What at GoDaddy will get you found?


So What's different? 

Are pages from social media sites ranked differently?

What Mr. Cutts is saying is less reliance on networks and more on the user...

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Google Webmaster Blog: Changes in crawl error reporting for redirects

URL A redirects to URL B, which in turn returns an error. The type of redirect, and type of error is unimportant here.
In the past, we would have reported the error observed at the end under URL A. Now, we'll instead report it as URL B. This makes it much easier to diagnose the crawl errors as they're shown in Webmaster Tools. Using tools like cURL or your favorite online server header checker, you can now easily confirm that this error is actually taking place on URL B.
This change may also be visible in the total error counts for some websites. For example, if your site is moving to a new domain, you'll only see these errors for the new domain (assuming the old domain redirects correctly), which might result in noticeable changes in the total error counts for those sites.

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Changes in crawl error reporting for redirects:

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

We Should Just Change SEO to "S" for Strategy via The Meld

"We Should Just Change SEO to “S” for Strategy

The acronym SEO equates to Search Engine Optimization, which is a facet of SEM, Search Engine Marketing, but SEO is NOT SEM without PPC.

In the end we are talking about “Search”, and what are we really optimizing, a search engine? Not Really."

We Should Just Change SEO to "S" for Strategy |: