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CP2010 - Multimedia Web Design - 2005

CP2010 - Multimedia Web Design - 2005 - apparently this class in Austrailia has Cool Websites Organization - as a recommended link for class... James Cook University in Queensland Austrailia - School of Information Technology. - hi... want to fly me out there to speak at your school? please please....

Jakob Nielsen on Usability and Web Design Jakob Nielsen on Usability and Web Design


Project ID: 142869
Title: Website Rebuild
Category: Website Design / Website Marketing
We are in the need of a rebuild of our website. We want something a little more professional and not so 'home-made.' We want to implement a little Flash to it but not anything too over the top. Also, we would like to have a client login page from our site to be able to login from another application. Our main concern is obviously budget since we are a small company every penny counts.

If we could keep the budget in the range of $1000-2000 I think I could talk my boss into allowing it.Thanks for your time.

Research Electronics International featured in “The Red Balloon”informational video on industrial espionage and electroniceavesdropping.

Algood, Tennessee - Research Electronics International (REI), the world’s leading manufacturer of technical surveillance countermeasure (TSCM) equipment, was recently featured in Pinpoint Productions “The Red Balloon”, an information video on industrial espionage and electronic eavesdropping. The Red Balloon explores domestic and foreign espionage against individuals and companies by first providing an overview of the problem and then showing several examples of radio bugs and wiretapping devices and techniques and discussing other forms of eavesdropping. Finally, and most importantly, this instructional video explores technical surveillance countermeasure equipment (TSCM) and TSCM manufacturers, providing advice on how companies can protect themselves from attacks on their intangible assets. REI is featured in the video as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of eavesdropping detection equipment. Charlie Taylor, host of the Red Balloon, states that “REI distinguishes itself from some of the other TSCM manufacturers by keeping its engineering, research and development, and almost all manufacturing processes in house, ensuring that their products are of the highest quality and utilize the latest technology.” The video is an excellent educational tool to raise the awareness on the potential threats of competitive espionage and the need for attention to this important area of security. It provides an introductory overview of TSCM, and also provides beneficial,practical, and realistic security advice for the modern business organization. About Pinpoint Productions Inc. and Charlie TaylorFounded in 2003, Pinpoint Productions, Inc. focuses on informational and trainingvideos for the security industry. Charlie Taylor, host of the Red Balloon, has an extensive background in industrial espionage and eavesdropping detection as the primary author of the popular textbook "Telephone Eavesdropping and Detection", as well as being the coordinator and primary instructor for Basic Electronic Eavesdropping Detection and Advance Telephone Eavesdropping Detection at Texas A&M University. For more information on The Red Balloon, call +1 214-321-1156, or visit About Research Electronics InternationalFor over 20 years, Research Electronics International (REI) has specialized in the design and manufacture of eavesdropping detection and countermeasure equipment.

REI’s products are used in over 85 countries worldwide by professional sweep teams (TSCM) as well as law enforcement organizations, corporations, and governments to protect sensitive or critical information. REI’s goal is to provide the highest quality equipment for the protection of sensitive and critical information. REI’s corporate offices, manufacturing facilities, and Center for Technical Security are located in Tennessee USA, with an extensive global network of resellers and distribution partners. For more information call +1 (931) 537-6032 or visit us on the web at

Google Zeitgeist

Google Press Center: Zeitgeist

Google Technology

Google Technology - PigeonRank's success relies primarily on the superior trainability of the domestic pigeon (Columba livia) and its unique capacity to recognize objects regardless of spatial orientation. The common gray pigeon can easily distinguish among items displaying only the minutest differences, an ability that enables it to select relevant web sites from among thousands of similar pages.







lgf: Gore Leads the Way

lgf: Gore Leads the Way

Power Line

Power Line



Daily Dish - Daily Dish

Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin

Go Fug Yourself

Go Fug Yourself

Captain's Quarters

Captain's Quarters



Britney - Nine Inch Nails Remix

Planes Narrowly Avoid Mid-Air Collision

Google Search: Planes Narrowly Avoid Mid-Air Collision

Mrs. Bush's Interview on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Mrs. Bush's Interview on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

The Volokh Conspiracy

The Volokh Conspiracy - -

Kim du Toit

Kim du Toit - Daily Rant

Right-Wing Stuff Conservative Republican T-Shirts

The Tony Snow Show

Tony Snow's America - Cover Up???

Drudge Retort

Drudge Retort: Red Meat for Yellow Dogs

Roger L. Simon: Mystery Novelist and Screenwriter

Roger L. Simon: Mystery Novelist and Screenwriter

Matthew Yglesias

Matthew Yglesias

Crooks and Liars

Crooks and Liars

Digital Photography Blog

Digital Photography Blog :: Digital Camera Reviews, News, Tips and Ratings

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

iPods can be tools of espionage

Australian IT - iPods can be tools of espionage (Graeme Kemlo, APRIL 26, 2005)

Red Hacker Alliance

Xinhua - English: " BEIJING, April 26 -- The 'Red Hacker Alliance,' the largest and earliest hacking legion in China, was regrouped recently after a short break.
The alliance, attracting 20,000 hackers, once ranked the fifth in the world in terms of the number of its members.
Its Web site, set up at the end of 2000, had nearly 80,000 registered members at its peak.
The task of the alliance was to prevent hacking attacks from foreign countries.
But the Web network was disintegrated by the end of 2004 for no specific reason.
The Web site founder, nicknamed Lion, said in an e-mail that the Web site existed in name only and he closed the Web site after Dec. 21, 2004.
A sophomore majored in computer sciences at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in Chengdu, who is also a group member, is now responsible for personnel management of the group and the Web site maintenance.
The student, surnamed Yang, said: 'I can design a computer virus in a few minutes, which can disfunction the use of mouse and computer, but I will not do this because the mission of a 'Red Hacker' member is to protect the Web sites from being attacked.'
The Web site also has a supervision committee to supervise its members' behaviors and cancel memberships of those who violate its rule by attacking other Web sites. "

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

TribalWar Forums - OT: All your base are belong to us

TribalWar Forums - OT: All your base are belong to us 4/20 Fans Hold Tokin' Celebration 4/20 Fans Hold Tokin' Celebration - this is late but notice no arrests and no violence.

Sushi Dictionary

Sushi a la carte
aji -- horse mackerel
akagai -- ark shell
ama-ebi -- raw shrimp
anago -- conger eel
aoyagi -- round clam
awabi -- abalone
ayu -- sweetfish
buri -- adult yellowtail
chUtoro -- marbled tuna belly
ebi -- boiled shrimp
hamachi -- young yellowtail
hamaguri -- clam
hamo -- pike conger; sea eel
hatahata -- sandfish
hikari-mono -- various kinds of "shiny" fish, such as mackerel
himo -- "fringe" around an ark shell
hirame -- flounder
hokkigai -- surf clam
hotategai -- scallop
ika -- squid
ikura -- salmon roe
inada -- very young yellowtail
kaibashira -- eye of scallop or shellfish valve muscles
kaiware -- daikon-radish sprouts
kajiki -- swordfish
kani -- crab
kanpachi -- very young yellowtail
karei -- flatfish
katsuo -- bonito
kazunoko -- herring roe
kohada -- gizzard shad
kuruma-ebi -- prawn
maguro -- tuna
makajiki -- blue marlin
masu -- trout
meji (maguro) -- young tuna
mekajiki -- swordfish
mirugai -- surf clam
negi-toro -- tuna belly and chopped green onion
ni-ika -- squid simmered in a soy-flavored stock
nori-tama -- sweetened egg wrapped in dried seaweed
Otoro -- fatty portion of tuna belly
saba -- mackerel
sake -- salmon
sawara -- Spanish mackerel
sayori -- (springtime) halfbeak
seigo -- young sea bass
shako -- mantis shrimp
shima-aji -- another variety of aji
shime-saba -- mackerel (marinated)
shiromi -- seasonal "white meat" fish
suzuki -- sea bass
tai -- sea bream
tairagai -- razor-shell clam
tako -- octopus
tamago -- sweet egg custard wrapped in dried seaweed
torigai -- cockle
toro -- choice tuna belly
tsubugai -- Japanese "tsubugai" shellfish
uni -- sea urchin roe
Maki-zushi (sushi rolls)
maki-mono -- vinegared rice and fish (or other ingredients) rolled in nori seaweed
tekka-maki -- tuna-filled maki-zushi
kappa-maki -- cucumber-filled maki-zushi
tekkappa-maki -- selection of both tuna and cucumber rolls
oshinko-maki -- -pickled-daikon (radish) rolls
kaiware-maki -- daikon-sprout roll
umejiso-maki -- Japanese ume plum and perilla-leaf roll
negitoro-maki -- scallion-and-tuna roll
chUtoro-maki -- marbled-tuna roll
Otoro-maki -- fatty-tuna roll
kanpyo-maki -- pickled-gourd rolls
futo-maki -- a fat roll filled with rice, sweetened cooked egg, pickled gourd, and bits of vegetables
nori-maki -- same as kanpyo-maki; in Osaka, same as futo-maki
natto-maki -- sticky, strong-tasting fermented-soybean rolls
ana-kyU-maki -- conger eel-and-cucumber rolls
temaki -- hand-rolled cones made from dried seaweed
maguro-temaki -- tuna temaki
Other sushi terms
nigiri(-zushi) -- pieces of raw fish over vinegared rice balls
Edomae-zushi -- same as nigiri-zushi
chirashi(-zushi) -- assorted raw fish and vegetables over rice
tekka-don -- pieces of raw tuna over rice
sashimi -- raw fish (without rice)
chakin-zushi -- vinegared rice wrapped in a thin egg crepe
inari-zushi -- vinegared rice and vegetables wrapped in a bag of fried tofu
oshi-zushi -- Osaka-style sushi: squares of pressed rice topped with vinegared/cooked fish
battera(-zushi) -- oshi-zushi topped with mackerel
-tataki -- pounded, almost raw fish
odori-ebi -- live ("dancing") shrimp
oshinko -- Japanese pickles
neta -- sushi topping
wasabi -- Japanese horseradish
gari -- vinegared ginger
shOyu -- soy sauce

iaocblog :: Main Page

iaocblog :: Main Page - International Association of Online Communicators

Texas high-tech exports soar Business

Study: High-tech exports up, job losses down in Texas

Study: High-tech exports up, job losses down in Texas - 2005-04-26: "Study: High-tech exports up, job losses down in Texas"

Tech thrives in Texas | News for Dallas, Texas | Business

By CRAYTON HARRISON / The Dallas Morning News

Texas has remained a technology powerhouse in the last few years despite the industry's economic malaise, a trade group says in a report to be released today.

Notably, the state has kept a large tech workforce and attracted private investment without heavy government spending.

The aftershocks of the technology industry's 2001 collapse were still being felt in 2003, when Texas lost 32,900 high-tech jobs, according to AeA, formerly called the American Electronics Association.

That dip left the state with about 446,000 technology workers, second only to California's 915,500.

AeA compiled the Cyberstates report from government data and information from the venture capital industry.

Most of the data came from 2003, though some 2004 statistics were included.

Nationally, high-tech employment dipped by 25,300 jobs in 2004, compared with 333,000 jobs lost in 2003.

While layoffs in North Texas' telecommunications sector have left many highly trained workers still looking for jobs, other parts of the technology industry, such as software and semiconductors, have begun to recover.

"There are opportunities out there for well-trained, skilled technology professionals," said John Martin, president of Dallas-based staffing and consulting firm Impact Innovations Group.

"The glut of talent is more on the telecom side, not on the applications development side."

Texas ranked second in high-tech payroll and in total number of tech companies in 2003, the report said. Last year, Texas had nearly $35 billion in tech-related exports, it said.

But the state ranked 27th in state funding of research and development, spending $654 per capita compared with California's $1,600, AeA said.

The federal government and private investment carry much of the research load in Texas, the report said.

It ranked Texas fourth in total research spending, including federal government, academic and industry spending, using data from a 2004 National Science Board report.

Texas was third in venture capital investment, AeA said, citing data from the National Venture Capital Association.

Still, the state would benefit from taxpayer-funded investment in research, said Clare Emerson, executive director of AeA's Texas chapter. She noted that Maryland's venture capital funding increased after it ramped up public investments in research.

"If we invest a little more, the return might be huge," she said.

Gov. Rick Perry has asked the Legislature to create a $300 million fund to invest in the commercialization of university research. Several technology companies have endorsed that idea.

"If I had to pick one factor as the best leading indicator for economic success, it's investment in basic research," said Phil Ritter, senior vice president at Texas Instruments Inc.

Government funding can help as long as it focuses on education and pure scientific research, said Ronald Nash, a partner at venture capital firm Interwest Partners.

"If you get governments trying to place bets on new technologies, they'll do it about as efficiently as Russia used to do," he said.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Symantec CSO talks about Security

In the security hot seat | Newsmakers | CNET

CMU Hacked!

Cyber security has its limits -


Sprint sees mobile device security neglect - Computerworld

DSW loses people's info.

World Peace Herald: "Word that as many as 1.5 million credit card and checking account numbers were stolen from a DSW Shoe Warehouse database -- nearly 10 times the number originally announced -- has prompted calls from politicians, attorneys general and consumer groups for legislation to protect consumers by requiring data collection companies to notify residents of a security breach in a timely manner. "

Cops Nab Woman, Say Wendy's Finger a Hoax

Yahoo! News - Cops Nab Woman, Say Wendy's Finger a Hoax - so where did THE FINGER COME FROM???????????????

Experts urge wireless security integration

Computerworld | Experts urge wireless security integration

Wireless Security Starts at the Endpoint

HNS - Wireless Security Starts at the Endpoint

InformationWeek > Data Protection > Business Technology

If Data Is Breached, Do The Right Thing > April 25, 2005

Data Protection Act

Fresh warning for businesses to comply with Data Protection Act : "Data Protection Act"

Carrot Top works @ IBM

scroll down in article to see Carrot Top spokesman for IBM. {Features: Future forming}

Music business writes a virus?

New Computer Virus Kills Music Files

With the new computer virus 'Nopir-B' worm spreading through Europe, computer users are advised to take extra caution. Korea's top anti-virus developer AhnLab says the worm, which seems to have originated in France, deletes MP3 music files on infected computers and spreads through peer-to-peer file-sharing networks.
The worm is said to destroy the user's operating system, making it impossible to reboot computers. Experts say the worm has not made its way to Korea yet but advised PC users to upgrade their anti-virus software.

VOIP news

Business -

Cyber Crime

Developing Countries Not Immune From Cyber Crime

Adobe Buys Macromedia

Forrester Research - "Adobe Buys Macromedia: A Perfect Alignment Of Content, Documents, And Web Applications"

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Quotes of reflection.

"'The Babel fish,' said the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy quietly, 'is small, yellow and leechlike, and probably the oddest thing in the Universe. It feeds on brainwave energy received not from its own carrier but from those around it. (......) The practical upshot of all this is that if you stick a Babel fish in your ear you can instantly understand anything said to you in any form of language.

'Now it is such a bizarrely improbable coincidence that anything so mind-bogglingly useful could have evolved purely by chance that some thinkers have chosen to see it as a final and clinching proof for the nonexistance of God.

'The argument goes something like this: 'I refuse to prove that I exist,' says God, 'for proof denies faith, and without faith I am nothing.'

' 'But,' says Man, 'the Babel fish is a dead giveaway, isn't it? It would not have evolved by chance. It proves you exist, and so therefore, by your own arguments, you don't. QED.'

' 'Oh dear,' said God, 'I haven't thought of that,' and promptly vanishes in a puff of logic.'

---- Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (1979)"

It's 4/20: Do you know where your classmates are?

Arizona Daily Wildcat - It's 4/20: Do you know where your classmates are? - Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Goodbye Grover.

Goodbye Grandpa,
Say hello to Grandma for me.

Grover E. Ledlie, JR.

Pink Paisley Fender Telecaster

Brad Paisley storms the chart with stone-country style

Brad Paisley storms the chart with stone-country style - Thursday, 6/17/99: "You probably don't associate country music with amoeba-shaped paisley." - thank F%^&ing God!! ROFLMAO!!!

Thieves steal 1.4 million credit card numbers from DSW shoe chain

Thieves steal 1.4 million credit card numbers from DSW shoe chain - crap i have bought stuff here.

Safeguarding the Mobile Enterprise in 2005

Safeguarding the Mobile Enterprise in 2005 - very good info on Mobile Security.

Heritage Bank Invests in Greater Customer Security

Heritage Bank Invests in Greater Customer Security - Installs Lost Data Destruction Software on All Laptops; Software Automatically Eliminates Critical Information on Lost or Stolen Computers.

Free Virus Software - Service members and authorized civilians can now get free antivirus software for home use through a program sponsored by the Navy's Information Assurance Web site.

More than half PCs infected with virus

More than half PCs infected with virus UK News Headlines - Life Style Extra

Ameritrade warns 200,000 clients of lost data

Ameritrade warns 200,000 clients of lost data - Consumer Security -

Friday, April 15, 2005

Google Broadens Wireless Access to Its Services


Pluck - : Your Personal Web Information Center with RSS reader, bookmark manager, and publisher. Do the Schiavo Do the Schiavo - this is just wrong... not even really funny.

Welcome to Look at all the bachelors, don't wait propose today

Cousins United to Defeat Discriminating Laws through Education

Cousins United to Defeat Discriminating Laws through Education

Tiger Woods Farts at the masters.

The Official Site of the Masters Tournament - click on the second video and wait until he starts walking away.. it sounds like a wet one.

Medianet - Indiatimes

Plunkett Energized as Fueled Director of Internet Marketing; Internet Marketing Company Hires Web Guru to Lead Creative Division

DALLAS, April 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Fueled Communications, an innovative new Dallas-based Internet marketing agency, today announced Steve Plunkett as director of Internet marketing. Boasting more than a decade of experience with online marketing and search engine optimization, Plunkett continually compares his work to child's play.

"When I was a kid, I ruled at video games. My initials were in the top scoring positions of gaming units all over my neighborhood," Plunkett said. "Successful Internet marketing is a whole lot like getting high scores on a video game except that my arsenal no longer includes laser beams and bonus lives. Now I use organic search engine optimization to get customers on the front page of results. This is a serious game, and the real goal is to score big for Fueled clients."

Fueled Communications also provides a wide array of results-oriented services including website development, strategy and planning as well as pay- per-click advertising. Companies realize the need to develop and maintain an informative, easily navigable web presence. But ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) can produce larger sales numbers for Fueled Communications clients long after the site is launched.

Search engine optimization requires almost daily attention to ensure desired results. Prioritization standards, hierarchy strategies and algorithms can shift without notice at any given moment on any or all Internet search engines. Managing this ever-changing dynamic requires a vast time investment most companies are ill equipped to provide. Fueled clients forgo the workload but still profit from its expertise.

"Some people still see optimization as just another marketing tool. In reality, it's the most important step companies can take toward building successful business," said Pam Watkins, Fueled Communications president. "Steve was into Internet marketing before most of us knew what 'logging on' meant. He has the experience to keep Fueled clients at the top of the page."

For a complete list of Fueled Communications services visit or call 972.764.0000.

CONTACT: Michelle Owens
(972) 480-8383 ext 224

Fueled Communications

Contact Details:

CONTACT: Michelle Owens, +1-972-480-8383, ext. 224, or , for Fueled Communications

Web site:

Dallas Advertising League Establishes New Memorial Award

DALLAS, TX. – April 14, 2005 – The Dallas Advertising League (DAL) announced today that its board of directors has established the Mark Johnson Member of the Year Award as a memorial to a former president who died in late 2004. It will be awarded every year to the Dallas advertising professional and DAL member that exhibits the greatest commitment to the industry and the association through committee involvement, time and resources invested, and demonstrated ability to make a positive impact on the organization.

In recognition of Mr. Johnson’s commitment to scouting, the DAL will make a contribution to the Boy Scouts of America. For more information on this award, please visit the Dallas Ad League website, .

A past president and long-time officer and director of the Dallas Advertising League, Mr. Johnson, 58, passed away at home. on Friday, August 6, 2004. He had retired as the Southwest Region Advertising Manager of the Wall Street Journal.

Well known for his persuasive style, Mr. Johnson’s leadership, perseverance and good humor helped save the Dallas Advertising League at one of its lowest points. Having volunteered to assume the first vice president’s job and then the presidency, Johnson was instrumental during his presidential term from 1997-1998 for revitalizing Ad League programs and events, and bringing the League back to financial solvency.

“It is altogether fitting and proper that the member of the year be named for Mark Johnson,” said Steve Wellman, current DAL president, “since every year that he served he fulfilled that role.”

Under his guidance and care the DAL became, once again, a vital force for advertising in Dallas, the AAF Tenth District and AAF nationally. He maintained a tight hold on the financial reins by staying on the board as treasurer following his presidential term, and continued to serve the League in a number of capacities. All during that time he fostered the idea of participation in other marketing communications clubs in the area, an idea many feel was key to the League’s recovery.

Johnson loved the outdoors, enjoying camping, cycling and scuba diving. Always the leader, he was an intrepid Boy Scout leader, serving on the district council, and proud to see both of his sons join him in the rank of Eagle Scout.

Mobile safety at your fingertips

BBC NEWS | Technology | Mobile safety at your fingertips

Why companies need to put more emphasis on IT security

IT Manager's Journal

Identity Theft Notification Bill

U.S. Senate Hears Feinstein's Identity Theft Notification Bill

American Marketing Association

American Marketing Association Blog

leonardo da vinci

da vinci

Thursday, April 14, 2005

funny movie

movies, Pickup Lines at Kontraband

TENNIS- PHOTOS: Dubai Tennis Championships - TENNIS- PHOTOS: Dubai Tennis Championships - Number 1 - real or not, you decide - Unseen Countdown - Unseen Countdown - EEEK!!

Nude Photos - Vida Guerra

Nude Photos From T-Mobile Sidekick Leaked

LexisNexis says it�s sorry for I.D. thefts

Portsmouth Herald World/National News: LexisNexis says it�s sorry for I.D. thefts

California Privacy Law

[A closer look] Supporters address concerns about Feinstein�s proposed bill

Virus Insurance

Learn What Spyware Is, How To Stop It - Technology - Learn What Spyware Is, How To Stop It

VOIP issues.

Porterville Recorder

Senators pledge to take action on data theft

Senators pledge to take action on data theft - - saw part of this on C-C-Span last night, did Specter just finish Chemo? anywas.. he was grilling the guy from Lexis Nexis.

Blogthings - What Is Your Seduction Style?

Blogthings - What Is Your Seduction Style?

Google Sues for Click Fraud

Google Sues for Click Fraud and Gets Sued for Copyright Infringement over “Image Search”

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

MSN - Celebs: Photo Gallery - 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire': "'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'"



Americans Start to Boost Data Protection

SAP INFO: "Americans Start to Boost Data Protection
In the wake of several leaks of Americans' personal data, politicians look to be getting more serious about data protection.
Sen. Dianne Feinstein has introduced a beefed-up version of her bill to combat identity theft, CNET reported. The update adds new guidelines on types of data covered and reporting policies to the ID Theft Notification Bill, proposed by the California Democrat in June 2003. The legislation would require organizations that collect the personal data of US citizens to inform consumers when their information has been lost or stolen. Lawmakers became focused on privacy protection after consumer data broker ChoicePoint gave criminals access to the confidential information of more than 35,000 Californians. Since that mishap was first reported in February, numerous other organizations, including hospitals, schools and businesses, have reported exposures of data.

'Every day, we learn that we are more and more at risk from identity theft � entire databases have been lost, stolen, or hacked into,' Feinstein said in a statement. 'We desperately need a strong national standard that says whenever a data system is breached, everyone who is at risk of identity theft must be notified,' she added. Feinstein's bill, which requires organizations to inform people in writing or via e-mail when their data has been exposed, closely resembles California's Security Breach Information Act (SB 1386). Currently, California is the only US state that has a law requiring consumer notification on its books.

Data breaches reveal lack of encryption

SC Magazine: A California medical group could have avoided a huge headache if it had encrypted the patient data stored on two computers that were stolen, a security executive noted.

Winning the security disinformation war

SC Magazine : If IT security is a battle, most companies are faced with the problem of managing a motley army of security devices and solutions.

ID Theft May Grow as Jobs Go Overseas

Technology News: Security: ID Theft

More Personal Information Stolen

Data theft reported at Park Service outlet

LexisNexis Breach May Be Worse Than Thought

CBS News

Mabir mobile phone virus

Mabir mobile phone virus actively looks for other mobile phones to infect

E-Commerce News

Cutting Edge: MIT, Quanta Throw 'TParty'

Majority of North American Organizations Never Encrypt Data for Backup and Off-site Storage

Enterprise Strategy Group Research Report Exposes Confidential Data Security Vulnerability

A hacker? No, an offline thief

lose a PC lately?

Monday, April 11, 2005

Golden Pickle Juice - ok, now someone actually wants to drink dill pickle juice? must be a Sourpuss... lol

Media Bloggers Association

Media Bloggers Association Welcomes New Members - * A news item at i wonder what membership requirements are?

States aim to protect personal information

States aim to protect personal information :: The Daily Herald, Provo Utah

Computerworld - Local developer tackles new mobile virus market

Computerworld - Local developer tackles new mobile virus market

Jennifer Ellison

Jennifer Ellison - the next hot thing?

The Official Site of the Masters Tournament

The Official Site of the Masters Tournament - tiger wins!

Rainier III, Prince of Monaco

Rainier III, Prince of Monaco - regime change?

Police search home of woman who found finger

Police search home of woman who found finger - they are gonna find it!!!

The finger!!

Yahoo! News - Woman Claiming Finger in Chili Sues Often - where did she get the finger then?

Friday, April 08, 2005


Our Blog :: Pheedo - Blog advertising

Instant messaging safety and privacy tips

Instant messaging safety and privacy tips - this should be obvious but it's not..

Netiquette 101 for new netizens

Netiquette 101 for new netizens - very interesting.

Windows XP: Strange New Gaming Worlds Online

Windows XP: Strange New Gaming Worlds Online online gaming lingo


- nope this isn't a porn site like you'd think but a text translator for kids online chat.

A parent's primer to computer slang

A parent's primer to computer slang - this is funny... old skool but funny

Hacker Attack Disables Newspaper Web Sites - Money - Hacker Attack Disables Newspaper Web Sites

Cool Russian website

I can't speak or read russian but there is some very cool iamges on this website.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Computer PRivacy

Computer hacker jeopardizes records

Computer virus comes in fake e-mail message

Trackion Launches Low Price Computer Tracking Solution

Keeping Private Information Private

The Most Important Acquisition Anybody Should Make After Purchasing a Computer

Man who tipped UAPD to McKale thefts wins high praise

Software to Recover Stolen Computers

Psion Teklogix Licenses Wavelink Software for Mobile Device Management

LE Plane! Le Plane!!

Le Plane!! Le Plane!! - requires quicktime.

Rocky 6?

Rocky 6 preview trailer

I'm on here somewhere.

2005/04/02 - Tech Talk With Craig Peterson

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy :: The Official Movie Website - very cool flash website.

XXX: State of the Union

Sony Pictures - XXX: State of the Union - Ice Cube as the 3peat offender/good guy/bad guy.. bad ass flash work on this website

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. - 2005 Swimsuit


Caprice Online - the official web site


Podcasting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Indian Larry

Indian Larry - bike build off watchers...