Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Morgan Stanley hired for Razorfish sale

A Financial Times report said Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) tapped Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) to find a potential buyer for Razorfish, its digital agency, in a deal that could be worth around $600 million to $700 million.

Microsoft gained Razorfish -- which designed the logo for new search function Bing -- when it paid $6 billion for digital marketing agent aQuantive Inc. after losing out to Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) in the acquisition of online ad provider DoubleClick Inc. in 2007. Last year, online ad networks were being gobbled up in an online M&A binge tracked by our sister blog Dealscape.

FT: Morgan Stanley hired for Razorfish sale

Thursday, June 25, 2009

follow friday test

Here is a list of people to follow on follow friday from people that i follow and follow me.

Tired of those laundry lists? These are reccomendations, not just retweets..

Here were the instructions:
come up with a list of people you recommend for follow friday.

make a list of people you really interact with and a short blurb about why u follow them.
140 chars.. per description max.

I follow @kimsherrell because she is an intelligent person who adds value to your twitter stream.

I follow @cyandle because he is my twitter homie.. #seo #ppc

I follow @zerbetron because she's got that Boom Boom Pow and she is a fellow webmaster chair dancer.

I follow @melyssatweeting because she has a good brain.

I follow @jackleblond because he's a good man, no b.s. yet open minded, good sense of humor and sometimes he even posts some cool recipes.

I follow @mandaotto because she is real and smart, and an amazing artist.

I follow @martinbowling because he has a great sense of humor, he's quite intelligent and crafty.

I follow @lookadoo because she is a great friend, a good voice of reason and wisdom.

I follow @mosquitohawk because he has a good sense of humor and an interesting viewpoint.

I follow @dannysullivan because he is the walter cronkite of SEO.

I follow @blueyedmuse because she is smart, funny and tweets good stuff.

@zerbetron #followfriday

#followfriday For the best in geekery & nerddom, I recommend @geekgirldvia. She's smart, funny, & knows enough about BSG to be dangerous!

#followfriday A nerd in search of love? Worry not! @geeksdreamgirl helps nerds & geeks find their perfect match. Super nice and lots of fun

Interested in SEO & Social Media? Follow @cyandle. Great guy and he's always got fun and exciting things to say. He rocks! #followfriday

If you do SEO, & you're not following @steveplunkett, you should get your head checked! He's an SEO Jedi Master. #followfriday

@MichelleRobbins is a SEO smarty-pants, BSG nerd, super smart cookie & all around nice gal. I love her tweets & you will too! #followfriday

@lookadoo #followfriday
Learn all you need about Online Reputation Management & best practices in online marketing from @andybeal. His training classes kick it!
Get blogging, WordPress, SEO & many tech tips from @DazzlinDonna. Donna's stream is like tapping into a business marketing coach!
Just received my autographed copy of "What Success Takes" by @garrettpierson! I had the honor of reviewing his book, changed my approach!
I am in debt to @pageoneresults for 2 hours of his SEO consulting time! I'm wiser & now broke! "Web Standards" should be his middle name.
Friendship & geekship combined, @professor is the genius behind @Blogsville. Don't miss out on this blogging lineup!
@GlobalFusion is more than a specialist in Spanish SEO, he's a thought leader. Admire his wisdom, approach & ethics in SEO.
I've learned a lot about using Social Meda sites from @BrentCsutoras. He knows the insides of StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg! Add SEO, too!
The Social Media Queen is @TheNanny612! Don't tell, but I have a #girlcrush on her!
Obsessed w/the science of search, @SEOdojo speaks to SEO geeks & wannabe-gurus! Reading his newsletter is on my TO DO list!
One of the youngest & earliest prodigies I've followed is @PluginID. He knows how to make money blogging & will show you how, too!
I started reading Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks before Twitter. She's become a friend and PR mentor!
If I had children, I would homeschool using Montessori lessons by @loribourne. I met her on SEOmoz & the friendship optimized from there!
Forget music! I tune in to the latest in search marketing on @WebmasterRadio @BrascoAtWMR is more than a radio genius! <3>
Get the latest analysis in search from @BruceClayInc by listening to @SEMSynergy every Wed! They translate SEO into understandable tidbits.
@Remarkablogger shares blogging, tech & SEO tips. His insights convinced me to learn Thesis, so here I am with a new theme to learn!
@martinbowling #followfriday

@oilman cause he always has some wild adventure

@persianwiki providing a great look at what's really happening on the streets of iran

@oncee IT Manager in Charleston, WV always tweets awesomely helpful info

@jordankasteler has awesome insight to using social media in creative and new ways

@davesnyder it's BIG DAVE nuff said :)

@rfr an incredible gifted designer, he <3's>

@mandaotto #followfriday
a great go-to for all things seo

all around great yahoo guy

another very smart seo gal

great social media expert

@mosquitohawk #followfriday
I follow @RavenJon because he has an awesome SEO toolset (@RavenTools) & is an all around nice guy with sharp spidy sense.

I follow the hip @JoannaLord because she's witty, has great taste in music & is a great contributor of social media & search knowledge.

I follow the brilliant @steveplunkett because when he talks SEO tactics, you better be taking notes. Where does he get those great tidbits?

I follow @jrcornthwait - He's king in the land of HTML emails (& has good taste in food, design & isn't afraid to call it like he sees it).

I follow @carondelet of the Brute Squad because there's always something to be said for someone who can exchange obscure movie lines w/ you.

I follow @lookadoo because she cares. I also can't wait to meet her in person at some future conference. Smart, motivated & entrepreneurial.

@melyssatweeting #followfriday
A great follow. Tweets all signal and no noise.

Super Dad. Really relevant tweets. Exceptional wit.

Everything’s bigger in Texas – including his brain and the strength of his tweets – fun follow.

@cyandle #followfriday

@sspencer - his presentations always provide so much information for the audience...
@rustybrick - one of the top bloggers in the IM industry..
@dannysullivan - the father of seo; and always keeps his tweeple up-to-date..
@copyblogger - one of the top bloggers in the IM industry..
@oilman - always willing to help out other when it comes to learning new IM stuff i.e. paid links..
@StoneyD - always provides in depth posts regarding IM checklists..
@katemorris - great at PPC...
@yoast - always on top with his wordpress plugins..
@TheMadHat - can make a mean bacon explosion..
@streko - king of the porkroll..
@melanienathan - she knows her linkbuilding..
@davidmihm - great at teaching us local search..
@theGypsy - great at keeping us up-to-date on patent info..
@shanatweeting - even though she's a mega phillies fan you can tolerate her.. :)
@professor - great at development work..
@davesnyder - knows his social media...and likes to cuddle from what i hear..
@graywolf - if i need a mean cake he could do it..
@Pamela_Lund - if you need custom USB flash drives she can hook u up..
@sugarrae - knows her affilaite marketing stuff..
@BrentCsutoras - knows his social media...
@andybeal - great online reputation mgt expert..
@brianchappell - knows his social media & online reputation mgt..
@yummyman - great at teaching us local search..
@lookadoo - a great all around person to follow..
@pearsonified - thesis king..
@bbille - always willing to help a brother out..
@pageoneresults - sphinn's worst nightmare..
@JoannaLord - knows her PPC..
@wiep - master link baiter..
@GymJunkies - can pump u up..
@steveplunkett - mad IM scientist..
@martinbowling - great at development work..
@SmokinManBBQ - it always tastes better when the smokinman' cooks it..
@itcn - can develop some great stuff..
@styletime - great at designs and wordpress..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Twitter Blog: Down Time Rescheduled

"A critical network upgrade must be performed to ensure continued operation of Twitter. In coordination with Twitter, our network host had planned this upgrade for tonight. However, our network partners at NTT America recognize the role Twitter is currently playing as an important communication tool in Iran. Tonight's planned maintenance has been rescheduled to tomorrow between 2-3p PST (1:30a in Iran)."

Twitter Blog: Down Time Rescheduled

A new Top 100 Alternative Search Engines list!

"While conducting the research and search engine checking I did while compiling this very eclectic list of search engines, directories, tools and stuff related, I realized that there are some very competitive trends in a few directions. The most prominent of those seems to be the effort to create the most artificially intelligent NLP, or Natural Language Process, that can be utilized in a search engine. More and more search engines are looking for ways to create search engines that “understand,” context, synonyms, meanings, inverted phrases, and more…and well, most of them have been pretty successful at it."

A new Top 100 Alternative Search Engines list! « AltSearchEngines

How Vans got off on the right foot

"Vans has long been the footwear of choice for skateboarders, but it didn't start that way. Kai Ryssdal visits the company's Southern California headquarters and talks with author Doug Palladini about how the shoes caught on."

How Vans got off on the right foot Marketplace From American Public Media

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Microsoft Experimenting With Bing Ad Placement, Formats

"Learning algorithms in Microsoft's new search engine Bing aim to retrain consumers to think of paid search and display ads as another topic category that helps them find answers to questions. But as consumers warm up to Bing, the technology built into the site may take a bit longer to influence performance."

MediaPost Publications Microsoft Experimenting With Bing Ad Placement, Formats 06/10/2009

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Air France Crash Raises Questions About Domain Name Registration

"As investigators seek to unravel the fate of Air France flight 447, there’s been speculation online about an unusual domain name registration made some two years prior to this week’s plane crash, flight447.com.
The mystery of the Air France flight that disappeared this week deepened after news agencies on Wednesday confirmed a previous Air France flight from Buenos Aires to Paris was the target of a bomb threat just days before. That plane was inspected and arrived without incident."

Air France Crash Raises Questions About Domain Name Registration (Updated) Threat Level Wired.com

How to Measure SEO Effectively: 7 Tactics

"Once you adopt search-engine optimization best practices for your website, it can take weeks before the changes are indexed by search engines. Then you have to measure their impact. How can you tell if a lift in performance is due to your SEO, or the result of another marketing campaign?"

MarketingSherpa: How to Measure SEO Effectively: 7 Tactics