Tuesday, June 06, 2006

American Airlines doubles win in name game

USATODAY.com : "NEW YORK — American Airlines has a rare opportunity to slam dunk its brand into the minds of basketball fans starting Thursday, when the NBA Finals begin inside the two arenas that carry the ailing carrier's name.
It pays more than $8 million a year in naming rights, which ensures that the Dallas Mavericks play in the American Airlines Center, while the Miami Heat cool off in the American Airlines Arena.
That has marketers at the airline, which lost $92 million in the first quarter, dreaming up ways to capitalize on its home courts advantage. On Monday, it was still working on a fan promotion.
'Once it dawned on us that this could happen, and that we're the only corporation that has the opportunity to do something, we said it's a no-brainer — we have to do something,' says American Airlines spokesman Tim Wagner. "

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