Tuesday, December 20, 2016

7 People Who Don't Post Fake News.

As Human needs for more information exist, more sources are digested. Not all are good for the tummy. Negative news, false news, that targets the emotional appetites of people on the consumers of Social Media. As more and more babies grow up only to be reattached to another umbilical cord, the IoT. Actually 2.9 cords for every home. 

More than half (52%) of all U.S. Internet homes have at least one TV connected to the Internet, representing an increase of six million homes over the past year, according to The NPD Group Connected Intelligence Connected Home Entertainment Report.
While the types of devices being used to connect these televisions to the Internet are varied (video game consoles, streaming media players, Blu-ray disc players, and the TVs themselves), the average connected TV home had nearly three (2.9) devices installed that they could use for programming from apps on their televisions.
Base: U.S. Internet households
Devices are connected to the Internet, not just capable.
Source: The NPD Group/Connected Intelligence Connected Home Entertainment Report
Ipad, Laptops, Phones, Xbox Consoles, Voice Assistants like Alexa, Echo and Google home, watches, spectacles - (millennial version of Google Glass?), some of us have 10 devices per human.

Oops.. almost forgot the next frontier.. Appliances..

Add Washer/Dryer and Refrigerator to the list of devices. Toilets, Door and Garage Door Entry Systems, Automobiles, Children's Monitoring Devices, Thermostats, Televisions, Shoes, Wristbands, Wearables.. Plug into the Matrix much?

As we consume and curate more information online, who can you trust? Who won't post fake news?

1.  - he is highlighting #FakeNews via @CNN 

CNN's host of  and senior media correspondent. Formerly  and Top of the Morning.

2. - One of the few people that I know that absolutely unquestionably knows what he is talking about, #SEO. SEO guy, realizes #fakenews is a problem.

3. - very knowledgeable person on SEO. no time for #FakeNews

4.  - Analytics Advocate . Investor. Former marketing agency director. Non-profit musician. Cool Guy. Good Critical Thinking Collaborator on Twitter. and of course.. NO #FakeNews 

5.  - One of the Best Humans i know. SRSLY. Former $MSFT @bing Search person. Has too much integrity to post #FakeNews.

6.  - Since day one, Pete Cashmore has followed the old school of journalism, unlike major media outlets, they actually do fact check stories or write something with that being perfectly clear if it isn't fact. kudos Mashable for no #FakeNews

7.  - Former White House staffer.. will post public affairs information, political stuff, but just the facts.. only the facts, unslanted political tweets. No #FakeNews


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