Monday, April 08, 2013

Rockfish Lets Staffers Recognize Colleagues With Prizes

Rockfish Lets Staffers Recognize Colleagues With Prizes | Agency News - Advertising Age:

 "Loyalty programs are ubiquitous for retailers hoping to motivate customers, but digital agency Rockfish Interactive is applying the concept to staff with a peer-to-peer digital-reward program it's created: YouEarnedIt.

The concept is simple: Each month, employees get points they can reward to their co-workers. They can accumulate and redeem those points for what they want from an online catalog that includes everything from gift cards to iPads to lavish vacations, customizable by company. Employers track who's getting the most points, which they may use to help inform employee reviews or get a sense of how individuals or departments work together."


XBox - YouWarnedIt Employee Reward
Rockfish Co-Workers have given me enough points for an XBox.


A recent contest has provided me with even more points....

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