Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Google 'smart glasses' reportedly launching this year

Just as an Internet connection has made our phones smarter and is in the process of making our TVs smarter, soon your glasses may be smarter too, thanks to a project from Google that could be a breakthrough in wearable computing.
The tech giant's secretive Google X lab is reportedly developing a pair of "smart glasses" that would connect with the Internet, or possibly rely on an Android smartphone to connect with the Web, to offer up information in a heads-up display.
The glasses, which the site 9to5Google reported would look somewhat like the Oakley Thump, would include a built-in camera that records what the wearer is looking at and then uses that feed to find relevant information about what's being observed, which is then displayed on the lenses of the headset.
The smart glasses would reportedly have motion-sensing capability and rely on 3G or 4G wireless connections, Google's Google Goggles augmented-reality software and a version of the Android operating system, as well as the company's GPS location services, the New York Times said in a report on the project.

Google 'smart glasses' reportedly launching this year
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