Thursday, February 03, 2011

Dads Say Ads Don’t Speak to Them - eMarketer

Generational changes and economic turmoil are helping to upend traditional gender roles. Male-dominated industries such as manufacturing and construction were hit particularly hard during the recession, challenging the notion that men are the family breadwinners. Meanwhile, research suggests dads are spending more time at home and playing an increased role in family life.
Half or more of dads polled by Yahoo! in October said they had taken an increased role in decision-making over the past year with regard to a number of categories such as baby products, toys, household products, apparel and CPG. Notably, fathers indexed higher in these categories than men in general; the research suggests that having kids affects the purchases of both moms and dads in similar ways.
Dads Say Ads Don’t Speak to Them - eMarketer
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