Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dawn Maire Project - an exercise in search, branding and online reputation management

Dawn Maire is Chief Strategy Officer at Rockfish.
Why does Google consider her name to be misspelled?
Dawn Maire is her real name, and she spells it correctly.
How do you correct a spelling error in Google?
Let's find out.
Follow #whitecoatseo on Twitter for live details of this exeperiment.
How to participate:
Monday - Phase 1 - Tweet "Dawn Maire -
Phase 2 - Blog about this experiment.
1. Use "Dawn Maire" as the first part of your title.
2. Explain what the problem with Google suggesting another word for your name, your brand or a branded product. Use the screenshot above if you wish
3. use the hashtag #whitecoatseo to post your blog with "Dawn Maire Project - (link to your blog) - #whitecoatseo.

Thank you for participating.

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