Sunday, July 04, 2010

9 Types of Websites That Encapsulate the Internet

Can you remember life before the internet? It was weird. You had to interact with people face to face, you had to visit the bank, and you had to read books and magazines like some sort of caveman. Although the internet has made our lives easier in myriad ways, it also can’t be overlooked for its contributions to the arts, academia, and highbrow discussions of the human form.

That said, how would we convey to people in the future (or past) exactly what we’re doing with the internet? Rather than launch into a diatribe about the ramifications of the digital age, it would probably be easier and more efficient to show a curious party an array of websites to demonstrate what we’re doing with this crazy thing called the internet. So here are nine examples.

9 Types of Websites That Encapsulate the Internet | EgoTV

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