Friday, January 15, 2010

Follow Friday - SEO - #whitecoatSEO

#FollowFriday #WhiteCoatSEO - SEO, Internet Marketing.

I occasionally have people participate in SEO Experiments on Twitter, most odf them can be found on the #whitecoatseo Twitter list.

but allow me to explain.... some of the people i follow... and why... if you apply the metaphors to SEO... you will get it... if you don't then.. well.. they do..

@pageoneresults - kinda like the chemistry professor that always called you out on your mistakes to show the class an example, and he was always right.. in chemistry things are pretty cut and dried.. then again so is Professor Lewis.

@thegypsy - remember the guy in the Cheech and Chong Movie that made the pot that would turn people into Lizards? Well... take that guy and mix him with a Samurai... and a CPA... He is one of the keepers of the patents... owns a closet full of white lab coats.. and swords...

@cyandle - i'm not sure if he still has a job, i'm not sure if he is still in chemotherapy... but if u live anywhere near this guy and can put him to work, he works hard, is very polite and has participated in soo many experiments, i can vouch for his knowledge and understanding of PPC and SEO.. plus he is one of the most down to earth honest good people i know.

lookadoo  - Dana... have you ever been around someone that instantly strikes you as a good listener, and then by the time you are wondering if she really heard everything you said, she gives you a completely different perspective along with how it relates to everything you just said?  If you are a thinking person.. this woman is like pure crack..

wilreynolds  - i met this guy briefly at IMSB, then heard him speak, very very very effectively, he didn't lose me the entire preso... and his tweets are consistently making me think, he has an awesome brain and the ability to express himself.. and of course a good guy thru and thru.

monicawright  - if there is any female in SEO qualified to be an SEO ninja.. it's her.. did she get her black belt yet?   as with everyone on this list.. a great brain...

neyne  - a new addition to the #whitecoat seo list... i'm not going to say he provokes me or would i say challenges me, but more of says the right thing at the right time to help me align the cylinders in my head..

rustybrick  - not sure what i can say about Barry Schwartz other than.. if you are not following him you are missing half the world.. he is a daily resource of information you didn't know you should already know.

AlanBleiweiss - he and i have much more in common then he knows.. and maybe more in the future... a great brain.. but warning... after hours is after hours on his tweets... 

fantomaster - still trying to figure if Ralph is a bot in old man's costume or not.. oh... and you think I tweet a lot... pshhh

dr_pete - You think we would have a #whitecoatseo group and not have an actual White Coat Lab Doctor type?  Aside from always giving quality gifts before you need them in Mafia Wars.. one of the greatest minds on twitter. 

martinbowling - Martin Bowling Loves Zima.. if you don't believe me google it... Martin was an accomplice in pulling the biggest SEO prank of all time... on Matt Cutts and Danny Sullivan at once... plus he is the perfect lab assistant.

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