Thursday, June 25, 2009

follow friday test

Here is a list of people to follow on follow friday from people that i follow and follow me.

Tired of those laundry lists? These are reccomendations, not just retweets..

Here were the instructions:
come up with a list of people you recommend for follow friday.

make a list of people you really interact with and a short blurb about why u follow them.
140 chars.. per description max.

I follow @kimsherrell because she is an intelligent person who adds value to your twitter stream.

I follow @cyandle because he is my twitter homie.. #seo #ppc

I follow @zerbetron because she's got that Boom Boom Pow and she is a fellow webmaster chair dancer.

I follow @melyssatweeting because she has a good brain.

I follow @jackleblond because he's a good man, no b.s. yet open minded, good sense of humor and sometimes he even posts some cool recipes.

I follow @mandaotto because she is real and smart, and an amazing artist.

I follow @martinbowling because he has a great sense of humor, he's quite intelligent and crafty.

I follow @lookadoo because she is a great friend, a good voice of reason and wisdom.

I follow @mosquitohawk because he has a good sense of humor and an interesting viewpoint.

I follow @dannysullivan because he is the walter cronkite of SEO.

I follow @blueyedmuse because she is smart, funny and tweets good stuff.

@zerbetron #followfriday

#followfriday For the best in geekery & nerddom, I recommend @geekgirldvia. She's smart, funny, & knows enough about BSG to be dangerous!

#followfriday A nerd in search of love? Worry not! @geeksdreamgirl helps nerds & geeks find their perfect match. Super nice and lots of fun

Interested in SEO & Social Media? Follow @cyandle. Great guy and he's always got fun and exciting things to say. He rocks! #followfriday

If you do SEO, & you're not following @steveplunkett, you should get your head checked! He's an SEO Jedi Master. #followfriday

@MichelleRobbins is a SEO smarty-pants, BSG nerd, super smart cookie & all around nice gal. I love her tweets & you will too! #followfriday

@lookadoo #followfriday
Learn all you need about Online Reputation Management & best practices in online marketing from @andybeal. His training classes kick it!
Get blogging, WordPress, SEO & many tech tips from @DazzlinDonna. Donna's stream is like tapping into a business marketing coach!
Just received my autographed copy of "What Success Takes" by @garrettpierson! I had the honor of reviewing his book, changed my approach!
I am in debt to @pageoneresults for 2 hours of his SEO consulting time! I'm wiser & now broke! "Web Standards" should be his middle name.
Friendship & geekship combined, @professor is the genius behind @Blogsville. Don't miss out on this blogging lineup!
@GlobalFusion is more than a specialist in Spanish SEO, he's a thought leader. Admire his wisdom, approach & ethics in SEO.
I've learned a lot about using Social Meda sites from @BrentCsutoras. He knows the insides of StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg! Add SEO, too!
The Social Media Queen is @TheNanny612! Don't tell, but I have a #girlcrush on her!
Obsessed w/the science of search, @SEOdojo speaks to SEO geeks & wannabe-gurus! Reading his newsletter is on my TO DO list!
One of the youngest & earliest prodigies I've followed is @PluginID. He knows how to make money blogging & will show you how, too!
I started reading Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks before Twitter. She's become a friend and PR mentor!
If I had children, I would homeschool using Montessori lessons by @loribourne. I met her on SEOmoz & the friendship optimized from there!
Forget music! I tune in to the latest in search marketing on @WebmasterRadio @BrascoAtWMR is more than a radio genius! <3>
Get the latest analysis in search from @BruceClayInc by listening to @SEMSynergy every Wed! They translate SEO into understandable tidbits.
@Remarkablogger shares blogging, tech & SEO tips. His insights convinced me to learn Thesis, so here I am with a new theme to learn!
@martinbowling #followfriday

@oilman cause he always has some wild adventure

@persianwiki providing a great look at what's really happening on the streets of iran

@oncee IT Manager in Charleston, WV always tweets awesomely helpful info

@jordankasteler has awesome insight to using social media in creative and new ways

@davesnyder it's BIG DAVE nuff said :)

@rfr an incredible gifted designer, he <3's>

@mandaotto #followfriday
a great go-to for all things seo

all around great yahoo guy

another very smart seo gal

great social media expert

@mosquitohawk #followfriday
I follow @RavenJon because he has an awesome SEO toolset (@RavenTools) & is an all around nice guy with sharp spidy sense.

I follow the hip @JoannaLord because she's witty, has great taste in music & is a great contributor of social media & search knowledge.

I follow the brilliant @steveplunkett because when he talks SEO tactics, you better be taking notes. Where does he get those great tidbits?

I follow @jrcornthwait - He's king in the land of HTML emails (& has good taste in food, design & isn't afraid to call it like he sees it).

I follow @carondelet of the Brute Squad because there's always something to be said for someone who can exchange obscure movie lines w/ you.

I follow @lookadoo because she cares. I also can't wait to meet her in person at some future conference. Smart, motivated & entrepreneurial.

@melyssatweeting #followfriday
A great follow. Tweets all signal and no noise.

Super Dad. Really relevant tweets. Exceptional wit.

Everything’s bigger in Texas – including his brain and the strength of his tweets – fun follow.

@cyandle #followfriday

@sspencer - his presentations always provide so much information for the audience...
@rustybrick - one of the top bloggers in the IM industry..
@dannysullivan - the father of seo; and always keeps his tweeple up-to-date..
@copyblogger - one of the top bloggers in the IM industry..
@oilman - always willing to help out other when it comes to learning new IM stuff i.e. paid links..
@StoneyD - always provides in depth posts regarding IM checklists..
@katemorris - great at PPC...
@yoast - always on top with his wordpress plugins..
@TheMadHat - can make a mean bacon explosion..
@streko - king of the porkroll..
@melanienathan - she knows her linkbuilding..
@davidmihm - great at teaching us local search..
@theGypsy - great at keeping us up-to-date on patent info..
@shanatweeting - even though she's a mega phillies fan you can tolerate her.. :)
@professor - great at development work..
@davesnyder - knows his social media...and likes to cuddle from what i hear..
@graywolf - if i need a mean cake he could do it..
@Pamela_Lund - if you need custom USB flash drives she can hook u up..
@sugarrae - knows her affilaite marketing stuff..
@BrentCsutoras - knows his social media...
@andybeal - great online reputation mgt expert..
@brianchappell - knows his social media & online reputation mgt..
@yummyman - great at teaching us local search..
@lookadoo - a great all around person to follow..
@pearsonified - thesis king..
@bbille - always willing to help a brother out..
@pageoneresults - sphinn's worst nightmare..
@JoannaLord - knows her PPC..
@wiep - master link baiter..
@GymJunkies - can pump u up..
@steveplunkett - mad IM scientist..
@martinbowling - great at development work..
@SmokinManBBQ - it always tastes better when the smokinman' cooks it..
@itcn - can develop some great stuff..
@styletime - great at designs and wordpress..

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