Tuesday, October 03, 2006

M/C/C Celebrates 20 Years of Killer Work

M/C/C Celebrates 20 Years of Killer Work : "Dallas, Texas - M/C/C has come a long way since its humble beginning at the kitchen table of founder Mike Crawford. But 20 years later, past the dot com boom and subsequent bust, through the evolution of cell phones from brick to sleek flip phones, and past the migration from VCR to DVR, M/C/C's unique and innovative techniques have helped the agency to develop a long list of client success stories on its way to becoming one of the Southwest?s premier advertising and public relations agencies.

'Twenty years is an exceptional amount of time to be around, particularly in the volatile technology industry,' Crawford said. 'One of the main reasons we have been so successful is because of the dedication of our people. They understand technology, they embrace it, and that helps us develop real relationships with our clients.'

Since 1986, M/C/C has utilized an unexpected way of thinking about creativity, paired with proactive, straightforward advice, to drive its success. Whether it is for a media or PR strategy, or for a new advertising campaign, for a start-up company trying to build credibility, or for a large, publicly-held enterprise wanting to stay ahead of the game, M/C/C infuses creativity into every program ensuring that it produces killer ideas for each client."

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