Monday, August 21, 2006

Pointing to Google is a risky business | | CNET | CNET "Pontiac is re-running its very strange ads in which it shares branding with Google. Last night I saw one that shows a screenshot of 'Pontiac' being typed onto Google, and a voiceover, 'For more, Google Pontiac.' [see ad on YouTube].
Isn't displaying, '' enough? Apparently not for Pontiac, and it's a decent strategy if you want your potential customer to see the universe of links related to your product. Although in this case, Googling Pontiac gets you a lot of links unrelated to the cars. On the first page of Google results, you get links to the city of Pontiac, the Pontiac Grille in Philadelphia, and Lyle Lovett's album, 'Pontiac.' So I don't get the strategy. "

- well I think it's stupid... I said this the first time the ads ran during the super bowl...

I've been joking about slapping them in the face about this... I guess it's time I should...

So If you are searching for "Pontiac Dealers in Dallas Ft. Worth" and hit this page instead... Do you really want to buy a car from soemone that is soo stupid to leave your future up to chance? Because they thought it was a Good Idea to have someone "Google" Pontiac Dealers - Dallas - Ft. Worth.. and guess what by typing in Dallas Ft. Worth Pontiac dealers in google, you ended up here. so maybe let's say they use that same head bonehead reasoning on your car... guess what.. maybe you should buy a honda? just don't buy it from Bankston Honda/Nissan... Did you just Google Pontiac Dealers in Dallas Ft. Worth?

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