Monday, August 28, 2006 is the Dallas, Texas news blog and Dallas, Texas information source for the DFW Metroplex. : " is intended to be the online alternative news and information source for the Greater Dallas area community. It is no slam at the city’s only daily newspaper to say that competing news sources make for a better community. It is no slam at the city’s many fine TV and radio stations to say they are a medium with time constraints. We expect to supplement, not replace, any of them.
Although we will use text, audio and video we will do things different than a newspaper or a TV or radio station. First, when we say this is the Blog of Dallas we mean we intend to invite Dallas to Blog here. Yes, we will have our own reporters – both full and part-time. We will have our own commentators too (We want to keep things stirred up). These folks will be called “affiliated Bloggers.”
Next, we will allow elected officials (and during election years duly filed candidates) to Blog-on any time they wish (unedited) to accuse, defend or propose. We will also allow leaders of civic, neighborhood, political, and other organizations to do the same. All they have to do is register with us to get a pass word. This doesn’t mean just commending on what other people say (anyone can do that anytime). It means they can say what’s on their mind as a full Blogger."

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