Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Broken Record Store

Washinton Post: "Tower Records, the iconic chain where generations of music lovers have gone to lose themselves in record-store reveries, is up for sale in bankruptcy court, forsaken by consumers who favor digital music and discounts at big-box superstores.
Tower represents a time when music had a different cultural status than it does today, as songs vie for attention with newer pastimes such as video games, Internet surfing and instant messaging. Its financial faltering -- this is its second bankruptcy filing since 2004 -- signals not only corporate problems but also a shift in how people shop and think about music in their lives."

- The same thing happened in Dallas to Bill's Records, now it's all the vinyl stores that cater to the HUGE Dallas DJ market that are living, Virgin Records in Mockingbird still does a good job because of it's location and staying up on current music trends, plus they have EVERYRTHING, even 12" singles.. Of course with MySpace profiles for artists like Paul Oakenfold, John Digweed and DJ RAP, as soon as they release a new album they send out a bulletin on where to click to buy it and usually is a download, why? because it's a direct to the artist payday.

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