Wednesday, August 23, 2006

AT&T sues over unauthorized access to customer data

CNET "AT&T has joined the fight to keep unauthorized data brokers from obtaining and selling its customers' calling records.
On Wednesday, the company's services division filed a lawsuit in U.S district court in San Antonio to block 25 unnamed 'John Doe' defendants who have allegedly pretended to be customers to gain access to account information.
AT&T said that the so-called data brokers had fraudulently obtained records for some 2,500 customers. The company said this information was used mainly in legal and domestic disputes. The company said that no driver's license numbers or sensitive financial data were accessible.
AT&T believes the lawsuit will help it identify the perpetrators by using e-mail addresses and Internet Protocol addresses. Once it identifies the data brokers, the company plans to seek an injunction as well as a return of profits earned from selling customer information."

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