Friday, July 07, 2006

MySpace for Cancer Patients

Bodyhack: "Michael Horwin, founder of Cancer Monthly, has just launched a new web site called MyCancerPlace, which he's calling the first cancer-focused community website. It’s modeled on MySpace, but, Horwin said in an email, focused on helping cancer patients share and find treatment information.

'Cancer organizations have been stuck using bulletin board functionality for years and MyCancerPlace represents the first leap out of that paradigm and into a richer cyber-environment,' he said. 'It may also represent the first time that MySpace-type technology has been created for people in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond – the ages where cancer strikes most.'

The site launched June 30 and so far has about 50 members. They can connect and network with other cancer patients throughout around the world, share information and experiences, discuss doctors and hospitals, listen to teleconferences, find out about cancer events, create personal web pages with text and pictures that can be updated and changed easily. 'With a disease like cancer, where information and communication is absolutely essential to have the best outcome, this technology is incredibly robust,' Horwin said.

He knows all too well how important information is when it comes to making cancer treatment decisions. He and his wife went through an ordeal no one would wish on their worst enemy when their two-year-old son Alexander was diagnosed with fatal brain cancer in 1998. "

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