Monday, February 27, 2006

A MySpace Cheat Sheet For Parents

MySpace can be unfamiliar ground to busy parents, and not everything is as it seems on the site. So Wired News addresses some of the most pressing questions parents might have if they explore their teenager's relationship with MySpace. This FAQ relies heavily on an interview with UC Berkeley researcher Danah Boyd, who studied teens' ways during a two-year ethnographic study of the MySpace phenomenon. Boyd speaks on her findings in a recent lecture.

Can I search MySpace to see if my kid is on it?

MySpace profiles are searchable, and with little detective work you can probably find your offspring if they are participating. But should you? That probably depends on your relationship with them. UC Berkeley researcher Danah Boyd says it's a bad idea. "Don't go on and engage in surveillance. That makes things really hard for kids to engage with you as a parent." Instead, Boyd recommends parents talk with their youngsters, and ask their teens to show them their profile, if they have one.

I did it anyway. Should I be worried that my teenage girl is linked to so many male "friends?"

you can assume she's sending nudes.....

Link: Wired News:.

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