Friday, February 10, 2006

EFF warns of Google hacker threat

CNET "EFF warns of Google hacker threat
The Electronic Frontier Foundation is warning people not to use Google's newest desktop search product, saying it provides a 'convenient one-stop-shop for hackers' who've gotten a user's Google password.
The new search tool allows consumers who regularly use multiple PCs to search all of those systems simultaneously, even when they are not connected to the Internet. But EFF says that feature makes personal data 'more vulnerable to subpoenas from the government and possibly private litigants.'
Google has included some privacy protection measure to the feature, allowing users to screen out specific files or folders and promising to delete any copies of the files from its servers within 30 days and encrypt the data.
But recent legal tussles over Google's search records were enough to scare the EFF off using the system. Still, that wasn't enough to convince everyone in the blogging world."

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