Wednesday, November 02, 2005

On the Net, trick or...trick

CNET "The goblins you face this Halloween season may not be costumed children at your front door.
Instead, you very well might be the online victim of viruses, phish, spam or denial-of-service attacks. Tricks, to be sure, these attacks offer no treats.
Worse yet, some of these attacks do not come from the 'outside,' and instead can emanate internally from within a business organization. One common example: computers infected by malicious software that later get used to launch online attacks. This is problematic, given that 45 percent of IT professionals recently surveyed by MailFrontier Research reported that their e-mail security systems do not safeguard their business from such attacks launched internally.
The collective impact of these various attacks can be significant. Some of the possible consequences include business interruption, remediation expenses, loss of critical data, and compromised intellectual property. "

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