Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Learning to think big.

Technique November 2005 : M/C/C - Where technology lives. Dallas, Texas
Learning to think big. By Pam Watkins

The tremendous growth, influence and success of the United States have always been results of innovation. In the most recent past, technology innovation and leadership have been at the center of our continued success. And not just in commercial terms. The U.S. military is the most powerful force in the world not because we have more troops than any other country. We don't. It is because we have more sophisticated technology than any other military in the world.

Being the most powerful and wealthy country in the world is not an entitlement we deserve but one to be earned and to keep earning. Our position is not guaranteed. Other countries are catching up and will rival our leadership position sooner than you may think.

How will we maintain our leadership position and high standard of living? Education is the answer. To maintain our competitive edge, we need to make sure that we are developing new generations of creative thinkers with the vision to develop new ideas and new products. We must support learning and creative thinking through the use of all our arts and cultural resources during early childhood. These are powerful tools that engage kids and help them become creative thinkers and the innovators of tomorrow. No industry should be more concerned and focused on this issue than the technology industry.


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