Friday, October 28, 2005

Friendster turns up multimedia features

CNET "Friendster is adding video and photo-sharing features to its social networking service, highlighting the move toward adding more multimedia capabilities to such services.

Friendster's new capabilities, available now, come through a distribution partnership with Grouper Networks, a start-up that specializes in technology for sharing photos and home videos over the Web. After downloading Grouper's free file-sharing software, Friendster members can invite people to view an unlimited number of photos and videos as well as stream music.

Because Grouper uses peer-to-peer technology, users don't need to upload files to share them, a Friendster representative said. Instead, media files are stored locally on members' PCs, where others can access them. Users can notify friends of new photos and videos by e-mail and instant messaging, the companies said. "

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