Friday, August 19, 2005

Preventative Measures - Broadening Security for Payment Devices

The Green Sheet, Inc.: "he threat from software viruses is no longer confined to the PC market. A general misperception is that Windows-based PCs are the only target of malicious programs. Windows-based systems are the main target today because they represent the largest number of potential victims. However, as the world becomes increasingly connected through the Internet, the threat is quickly spreading to other devices.
Criminal intent is not limited by platform boundaries; signs of what to expect in the future have surfaced in the embedded device markets. Not so long ago, many believed that mobile phones were not at risk because no predominant operating system exists for those systems equivalent to Windows on PCs.
Yet now malicious programmers are actively targeting mobile phones and PDAs. According to 'The Times of London,' in the first half of 2005 more than 50 viruses targeted at mobile phones were detected. "

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