Thursday, August 11, 2005

Have no fear: Anti-cyberthief is here! 'Sniffers' getting busier these days

American Marketing Association News: "The investment bank, despite billions in annual revenue and the small squadron of former cops and ex-military and security personnel it had on its payroll, was no match for Mark Seiden. 'Tell me the things you most want to keep secret,' Seiden told a top executive at the bank a few years back. The executive listed two. One was the true identities of clients negotiating deals so hush-hush that even people inside the bank referred to them using a code name. The other were the financial details of those mergers and acquisitions. A week later, Seiden again sat in this man's office in Manhattan in possession of both supposedly guarded secrets.
As a bonus, he also had in hand a pilfered batch of keys that would give him entry into bank offices scattered around the globe, photocopies of the floor plans for each office and a suitcase stuffed with backup tapes that would have allowed him to replicate all the files on the firm's computer system. 'Basically, that all came from working nights over a single weekend,' he said with a cockeyed canary-eating smile that seemed equal parts mischief and pride. "

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