Wednesday, March 01, 2006

As search advertising slows, talk of new horizons by Stefanie Olsen

CNET "Considering recent comments from the chief financial officers of Google and Yahoo, it's at least at chandelier height along with the search giants' eye-popping growth of recent years. But that's been no secret.
Google CFO George Reyes said Tuesday morning during an investor's conference that the search company's overall growth is slowing, and it's now largely 'organic,' according to CNBC. The comments sent Google's stock down more than 13 percent before rebounding slightly.
In mid-January, Yahoo CFO Sue Decker said during the company's fourth-quarter conference call that it is not competing with search rivals for growth. Instead, it's looking to 'build new revenue opportunities.'
What does this mean for the marquee business of Internet advertising that turned Google into a multibillion-dollar company and refilled Yahoo's coffers after the dot-com bust? "

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