Monday, February 27, 2006

MySpace Backlash

Wired News:: "Last December, a mischievous student used a home computer to create an account on the social networking site MySpace bearing the name and likeness of his school principal, Eric Trosch.
The profile the Hermitage, Pennsylvania, Hickory High School student bestowed on his principal was not kind. For 'birthday' he listed 'too drunk to remember.' And for vital stats like eye and hair color he wrote, simply, 'big' -- a poke at the educator's girth that he managed to weave into most of the 60-odd survey questions in Trosch's fictional profile: Do you smoke? 'Big cigs.' Do you swear? 'Big words.' Thoughts first waking up? 'Too … damn … big.'
The teen told some friends at school about the gag. Big mistake.
As a judge would later put it, 'word of the parody … soon reached most, if not all, of the student body of Hickory High School,' and the fake MySpace profile, along with several less nuanced commentaries crafted by other students, became a monster hit at the school. The administration banned student PC use for six days, canceling some classes, while they traced the profile to 17-year-old senior Justin Layshock, who promptly confessed and apologized."

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