Friday, April 20, 2007

Tool mines personal data from across Net - CNET

Security researcher crafts product that associates data from multiple sources and could provide enough information for ID fraudsters.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

GDI’s Goals Are Covered with M/C/C

The Goaltender Development Institute (GDI), which teaches hockey goalies key defense strategies and techniques, is looking to go on the offensive and has brought marketing, advertising and public relations agency M/C/C into the game. M/C/C will hit the ice with a one-two punch of creativity and ingenuity to strategically redesign GDI’s branding...

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Attack code raises Windows DNS zero-day risk - CNET

At least four exploits for vulnerability in the Windows domain name system service were published over the weekend.

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Tellme tells you where, free of charge - CNET

Looking for an ATM? Soon-to-be Microsoft company launches a service that uses voice or text messages to give directory listings.

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Journalists look to bloggers for Virginia Tech story - CNET

When tragedies like the school massacre occur, the news media are increasingly turning to bloggers for first-hand information.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Google partners with Clear Channel Radio

In a multi-year agreement, Google has been given access to a "a portion" of Clear Channel Radio's (the largest radio station group owner in the United States) ad inventory.  The deal reaches more than 675 of the network's stations, but it is not clear exactly now much inventory has been...

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The Ultimate 'Halo 3' Accessory: Mountain Dew

CHICAGO ( -- The Pepsi-Cola North America brand is readying a red-hued, citrus-cherry-flavored, limited-edition Mountain Dew that will carry the name of the much-anticipated "Halo 3" for Microsoft's Xbox 360. Touted as the first soft drin

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Sorry Microsoft, Yahoo -- Google Just Got Bigger

NEW YORK ( -- How badly does Google want brand advertisers? Try $3.1 billion badly. Its acquisition today of Doubleclick, the biggest ad-serving player on the web, gives Google something it couldn't build on its own -- a significant pres

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Home Foreclosure Crisis Underscores Need for Debt-Settlement Programs

Debt-Settlement Programs Can Eliminate Debt, Curb Rising Foreclosure Rates

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The home foreclosure crisis generated by subprime lending continues to get worse by the day. The trouble started a few years ago when mortgage interest rates dropped to staggering lows and low-income buyers could purchase a home with the help of a subprime loan – despite their lower credit scores. Today, those rates have skyrocketed up to 12-13 percent, leaving those buyers, and often, first-time home owners, few options. As a result, foreclosure numbers continue to climb.
“If you do the math on a $130,000 house, a $900 per month payment suddenly increases to $1,300 per month,” Jim Ross, president of Total Debt Services(TDS) said. “Most people are living day-to-day, trying to pay higher heating bills or higher gasoline bills, and they simply cannot pay the extra $400 each month. People often stop paying credit card bills and car notes just to save their homes – essentially putting them in even more trouble.”
And because the housing market is in a downturn and the high loan to values allowed on these loans, selling the house isn’t an option either since they aren’t going to get what the house is worth and closing costs alone can be in the thousands of dollars. Hardest hit are borrowers in states like Texas and Michigan, which led the country in the number of new foreclosures in 2006. National and state lawmakers are currently drafting bills in an attempt to stop the bleeding, but Sandra Braustein, director of the Federal Reserve’s division of consumer and community affairs said problems with subprime mortgages could last for another two years.
This disturbing trend has highlighted the importance of debt-settlement programs in the United States. With the help of one of these programs, people can often pay about one-half of the minimums on their credit cards, freeing up additional money to put toward the mortgage and keeping them out of bankruptcy.
“The natural reaction is to let your credit card and other payments slip in order to keep your home,” Ross said, “but all that does is put you into even more financial troubles. If you enlist the help of a debt-settlement program and address your credit problems, there’s a good possibility, depending on a number of variables, that you could save your house and eliminate your debt at the same time.”

About Total Debt Services
Total Debt Services (TDS) is a consumer debt settlement company located in Dallas, Texas. TDS is committed to helping clients free themselves from the anxiety of overwhelming credit card debt. The company offers consumers guaranteed debt-relief programs for eliminating or reducing their unsecured credit card or loan debt. Our debt Negotiation and debt Settlement programs provide credit card debt relief as an alternative to traditional bankruptcy, consumer credit counseling, debt management and debt consolidation loans, including credit card debt consolidation programs.