Thursday, March 31, 2005

Tech Talk With Craig Peterson

Tech Talk With Craig Peterson - listen this weekend @ 7:44am EST for an interview with yours truly.

Urchin acquired by Google.

Urchin Web Analytics software and on demand services: "Google Agrees To Acquire Urchin
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - March 28, 2005 - Google Inc. today announced it has agreed to acquire Urchin Software Corporation, a San Diego, California based web analytics company.
Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.
Urchin is a web site analytics solution used by web site owners and marketers to better understand their users' experiences, optimize content and track marketing performance. Urchin tools are available as a hosted service, a software product and through large web hosting providers. These products are used by thousands of popular sites on the Internet.
Google plans to make these tools available to web site owners and marketers to better enable them to increase their advertising return on investment and make their web sites more effective.
'We want to provide web site owners and marketers with the information they need to optimize their users' experience and generate a higher return-on-investment from their advertising spending,' said Jonathan Rosenberg, vice president of product management, Google. 'This technology will be a valuable addition to Google's suite of advertising and publishing products.'
The acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions. Google anticipates that the acquisition will close before the end of April.
About Google Inc.

Google's innovative search technologies connect millions of people around the world with information every day. Founded in 1998 by Stanford Ph.D. students Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google today is a top web property in all major global markets. Google's targeted advertising program, which is the largest and fastest growing in the industry, provides businesses of all sizes with measurable results, while enhancing the overall web experience for users. Google is hea"

Internet Specialists Fan FUELED Flame - YAHOO!; Seasoned Veterans Launch Marketing Company to Energize Web Results

DALLAS, March 30 /PRNewswire/ -- In the virtual search engine world, a single keyword can produce millions of results, and the top spot is highly coveted. FUELED, a Dallas-based Internet marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimization can take clients from the recesses of page 56 to a featured position on page one. What's more, the agency has the expertise to produce an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly virtual experience that will hold any e-visitors' attention.
"A lot of people still have that 'if you build it, they will come' philosophy, which rarely works," said FUELED president Pam Watkins. "You can do a lot of advertising and referral, but the most important part of Internet marketing is just getting them to the site, and that means search engine optimization."

Each year, companies invest countless millions on websites that fail to produce a fraction of the originally anticipated traffic. Designers consider navigation, e-commerce potential, online press kits and a host of other features and functions to dazzle an audience that never shows up. For some, torching the computer seems the last hope for igniting the corporate website.

FUELED provides a comprehensive set of services ranging from website development, strategy and planning to pay-per-click advertising campaigns. But ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) can produce new clients long after the website is customized and advertised. Experience fuels FUELED -- the kind of experience that has the potential to annihilate your competition.

"Our employees have been involved in Internet marketing and search engine optimization since 1995," said FUELED director of Internet marketing Steve Plunkett. "Sure, we design, develop and troubleshoot websites that captivate the visitors once they get there. But we can do something nobody else out there can accomplish -- we can deliver page one placement on organic search results -- guaranteed."

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Search Engine Strategies New-York Coverage

Search Engine Strategies New-York Coverage

Wendy's Chili

"ok... they found a finger in Wendy's Chili, who/where did the finger come from?

Ben Gale, director of the department of environmental health for Santa Clara County, told CNN, "Officials are trying to determine whether the finger came in the raw materials Wendy's used to prepare the chili" - hmm.

Google Maps

Google Maps - from: Carrollton, TX to: 1650 W Frankford Rd, Carrollton, TX 75007 - Google's Map Beta stuff is pretty freakin' cool....

Dallas Ad League - All Fools Golf Tournament

- Calling all hackers and scratchers, the Dallas Ad League wants you to enjoy an afternoon of food, fun, and golf! -
Click Here to see pictures from the event as it happens.



AFP is the world's oldest established news agency, founded in 1835 by Charles-Louis Havas, the father of global journalism.
Today, the agency continues to expand its operations worldwide, reaching thousands of subscribers via radio, television, newspapers and companies from its main headquarters in Paris and regional centers in Washington, Hong Kong, Nicosia and Montevideo. All share the same goal: to guarantee top quality international service tailored to the specific needs of clients in each region.

Surreal Life - 5?

Surreal Life the Total Bitch Version w/ Steriods and a goofy guy.

Starry night by Vincent Van Gogh

Google Search: vincent van gogh

vincent van gogh - birthday or death? guess quick. post answer below then google it and don't post the correct answer please.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Flickr: paisley amoeba

Flickr: paisley amoeba - Blog #4?

O'Briens Rogue River Outfitters

O'Briens Rogue River Outfitters - must be related somewhere up the Irish Family tree.

Friendster - Pamela

Friendster - Pamela

The Happy Poster Project

The Happy Poster Project - self explanatory.

Patron Golf

patron tequila -
Patrón is produced and blended by a small family owned and operated distillery high in the mountains of Jalisco. This particular growing region of Mexico is considered the most ideal for production of the Weber Tequilana Blue Agave. The climate is warm and the soil is clayey with high ferrous oxide content. Patrón tequilas are made from premium selected Weber Tequilana Blue Agave plants. The trimmed heart of the agave plant resembles a large "pineapple". The trimmed agave "pineapples" weigh between 50 to 80 lbs. It takes 8 to 9 years for a premium Blue Agave to mature properly. Blue Agave grown in this region produce higher "honey" or sugar content, which when distilled produces a very individual character and flavor. There are certain "bitter" sprouts which must be carefully removed from the "pineapple" before steam baking. Few distilleries take the care and time to remove these sprouts. Patrón tequila does!

Patron Anejo Tequila
patrón anejo tequila is a delicate blend of uniquely aged tequilas. As in many premium red wines the blends must be adjusted for each vintage.

Patron Reposado Tequila
patron reposado tequila is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of six months. Patrón Reposado is aged and blended to incorporate the fresh clean taste of Patrón Silver with a hint of the oak flavor found in Patrón Anejo.

Patron Silver Tequila
patrón silver tequila is called young or "joven" tequila. A similarity may be made to a young or nouvelle wine. It is known for its lite, fresh, crystal clear look and an elegant smoothness not found in other silver tequilas.

Patron XO Cafe Coffee Liqueur
Made with Patron Tequila. Patrón XO Café originated from a very unique blend of XO Fine tequila and pure natural coffee essence. Patrón XO Café is produced at 70 proof (35% Alc. by volume). Patrón XO Café was conceived to be a coffee tequila more than an overly sweet coffee liqueur. ..


interesting - ever see the phone number... 860-525-7078

Happy Easter!

Thursday, March 24, 2005



Happy Easter

bunny rap

Fish Heads!!!!!

The Fish Heads Video!!!


Weebls Stuff - Toons

Badger Badger Badger

Badger Badger Badger - forgot about this....

Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Foundation for Defense of Democracies - a good terrorist activity monitoring source.

Rendon Group - SourceWatch

interesting - don't know how accuarate thsi is but it is interesting.

Look, Dallas!

CSIS at a Glance - About CSIS - Center For Strategic & International Studies

The Center for Security Policy

The Center for Security Policy - another list.

AEI - About AEI

AEI - About AEI - nice list...

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

World Water Day

World Water Day

this is funny.

quite possibly the worst SEO e-mail I have ever seen.

------ Forwarded Message
From: "Dante"
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 21:23:14 +0000
Subject: Are you sure your site listed in Google?

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Dante Kim

Ozzy @ Yahoo! Music

Yahoo! Music - sponsored by HP.... apocalypse anyone?

Rubberific Mulch

Rubberific Mulch - kind of neat.. instead of sticks and stones, you can use rubber stuff. it's Rubberific!

Death Guild

Death Guild | San Francisco - hmmm... halloween destination?

Yahoo! following Google's Design

Yahoo! Search

Miles Thirst

MSN - Music

Thursday, March 17, 2005

hack a day

hack a day -

SBC labled as Mafia Goons!

Has SBC Embarked on a Smear Campaign? Asks Transcom
“Communications Giant Engages in Goon-style Practices”
Says Irving-based Transcom Enhanced Services

IRVING, Texas – March 17, 2005 – The following was released today by Transcom Enhanced Services: A good old-fashioned David-and-Goliath fight between Transcom Enhanced Services and SBC is brewing down in the Lone Star State. When the dust settles, one of the biggest communications providers in the nation could be exposed for engaging in predatory business practices and may end up heading home with its tail between its legs.

We join our story already in progress in Texas, where, just a few weeks ago, Transcom was forced to file for bankruptcy. Why would an otherwise successful enhanced services provider with unique technology and a solid business plan take such action? It’s a direct result of the powerful spin machine that is SBC’s legal department. Although “legal” isn’t really an accurate term to describe the practices SBC has engaged in since it decided to make Transcom (and several other companies like Transcom) its whipping boy(s) a few months ago.

“I think the general public might be surprised and disappointed to learn that SBC trades in the kind of threats, coercion and intimidation tactics commonly used by mafia goons,” said Transcom CEO Scott Birdwell. “They bullied us and our customers and tried to destroy everything we’ve worked for, but we refused to lay down and take it like the dogs SBC wants us to be.”

The feud between the companies stems from access charges SBC falsely claims it is owed. Using an FCC ruling targeted specifically against AT&T, SBC has embarked on a systematic and malevolent plan to extend said ruling arbitrarily in an attempt to eliminate competitors. The FCC ruling does not apply to Transcom, and, even though SBC has been shown that the ruling does not apply to Transcom, the enhanced service provider apparently is such a threat to SBC that the telecom giant has gone after Transcom’s customers and suppliers anyway. Claiming the FCC ruling against AT&T as evidence of “illegal” and “unlawful” conduct on the part of Transcom, SBC spread false accusations among Transcom’s customers and suppliers. As a result, some of these third parties have been scared away or otherwise ceased doing business with Transcom.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that SBC has sued to collect the aforementioned charges from Texas-based Transcom by filing suit in a civil court in Missouri. That’s right – Missouri, a state that is the home base for none of the involved parties. In fact, though SBC has limited ties to Missouri, its headquarters and a great many of its assets are located in Texas.

“Spend any time at all listening to the SBC marketing hype, and you’ll hear them try to convince you that they’re proud Texans, but at the first hint of trouble, they go running to Missouri,” Birdwell said. “Real Texans have a two-word phrase for that kind of behavior – the first word is ‘horse,’ and the second word isn’t fit to print, so we’ll say ‘manure.’”

“This Missouri thing is just another example of how SBC has gone out of its way to make this the most difficult, most lengthy, most expensive process possible,” Birdwell said. “If they’re allowed to continue this behavior, they’ll do away with competition and freedom of choice. At that point, it probably won’t be long before they use the ‘difficult, lengthy, expensive’ approach on their customers.”

It is important to remember that SBC’s blatant disregard of the facts concerning the FCC’s ruling is not targeted solely at Transcom. SBC has a number of enhanced service providers in its crosshairs. It is likely that SBC’s ultimate hope is to destroy these companies or tie them up in legal proceedings long enough for the communications provider to develop its own enhanced services. The end result is reduced competition, which only serves to support future SBC rate hikes – to the detriment of its millions of customers.

“If SBC is allowed to continue using these tactics, it’s a step toward monopoly and a dark day for all of us – not just here in Texas, but all over this great nation,” Birdwell said. “I just hope it doesn’t come to that.”

About Transcom Enhanced Services
Transcom Enhanced Services (TES) is a leading enhanced service provider specializing in the modification of the form and content of telephone calls and other communications to improve bandwidth efficiency, reduce costs and facilitate the development and provision of advanced applications. Established in 2003, TES uses state-of-the-art technology and a secure, privately managed packet-switched network to deliver cost-effective custom voice-over-IP solutions and converged IP applications to carriers and enterprise customers all over the world. More information is available at Transcom.

Clan O'Brien Tartan - one of them.

Clan O'Brien - From the book 'World Tartans' by Iain Zaczek:


The O'Briens are one of the Great Dynastic families of Irish history. They take their name from Brian Boru (941-1014), the greatest of the high kings. After successes at Limerick and Cashel, he went on to achieve a decisive victory over the Vikings at the battle of Clontart (1014), although he lost his life in the process. The O'Brien heartlands were in Thomond (North Munster), and they became earls of Thomond and Inchiquin. They were famed as soldiers, a calling that Murrough O'Brien (1614-1674) practised so enthusiastically that he became known as Murrough of the Burnings. The tartan is comparatively modern, owing its design to an Australian, Edward John O'Brien.

Besides O'Brien (and all variations), the following descendents of the O'Brien line are authorized to wear the O'Brien tartan:
Bernard, Bryan, Bryant, MacConsidine, O'Crotty, MacFadden, Lysaght, MacMahon, O'Mahony, Padden, Plunkett.

Remember: This is not the Official Clan O'Brien tartan. This is an O'Brien family tartan that is registered and authorized for wear by all O'Briens and descendents.

Source: Edward John O'Brien of Australia
Thread Count: G12, R6, G24, A6, G4, A6, G12, Y4, G6, Y4, G12, RT26

509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded - i love it when people don't prepare for website traffic...

Happy St. Patty's Day

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

A Blast from the past.

The Log song.

Tom Fenton - Bad News

In his long journalistic experience as the senior European correspondent for CBS News, Tom Fenton has reported on everything from the fall of the Shah of Iran to the movements of al Qaeda throughout Europe -- a story he was tracking before 9/11. And in the three years since that fateful day, he has come to a sobering realization: Our once-noble news media -- and network TV news in particular -- have abdicated their responsibility to the American people, and endangered us in the process.

As Fenton points out, much of the United States still depends on the networks for most of its information about the world. But after the fall of the Soviet Union, the networks gutted their news-gathering operations -- just as the old Cold War status quo was shattering -- leaving behind an unstable and violent new world order. Once a public service, the network news was commandeered by its corporate parents as a cash cow. In-depth reporting on critical issues was replaced with saturation coverage of sensationalistic crime stories and simpleminded "news you can use." Even as genocide spread through Africa -- and Islamic terror festered in the Middle East -- international reporting disappeared almost entirely from the airwaves. And Americans were left uninformed, unable to judge the accuracy of politically biased stories (on both sides of the spectrum), and utterly unprepared for the war on terror about to descend on their doorstep.

In Bad News, Tom Fenton offers a fiery indictment of just how far "the news" has fallen. As a frequent voice in the wilderness himself -- who fought in vain to interest CBS in an Osama bin Laden interview in the 1990s -- Fenton reveals a news-gathering environment gutted by corporate bottom-lining bottom-feeders, staffed by dilatory producers and executives (who dismissed important stories as depressing or obscure), and dangerously dependent on images and information gathered by third-party sources. In hard-hitting interviews with Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, and Tom Brokaw, he exposes how even the anchors themselves believed they were outlandishly compensated -- while quality coverage was being slashed. And he charges that the news media must lose its entertainment-industry mindset and reestablish its role as a keeper of the public trust.

"This is not just a book," writes Fenton. "This is the beginning of a campaign to galvanize America. We need more and better news. Our lives depend on it."

Imprint: ReganBooks; ISBN: 0060797460; On Sale: 03/01/2005; Format: Hardcover; Subformat: ; Length: ; Trimsize: 6 x 9; Pages: 272; $25.95; $36.9500(CAN)

absrtract taken from

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Coop's corner

Coop's corner - CNet blog.

Use AIM? Be afraid, very afraid.

AOL's Terms of Service Update for AIM Raises Eyebrows

Spy Camera?

Nokia 6820 Phone - ok.. with the PT-2U: Observation Camera i can set it up at home and watch my cats via my phone anywhere... so theoretically i could hook it up in a trendy nightclub female bathroom and broadcast, etc...

Velvet Revolver :: The OFFICIAL website

Velvet Revolver :: The OFFICIAL website - super group!!!!! Go Scott go!
You know things are bad when the guys from Guns and Roses help you sober up.

Be Cool

Be Cool - all star cast;
Vince Vaughn, Cedric the Entertainer, Andre' Benjamin, Steven Tyler, Christina Milian, Harvey Keitel, The Rock (as a homo), Danny DeVito and of course Uma Thurman and John Travolta.

Pi in the Yahoo! Directory

Specific Numbers > Pi in the Yahoo! Directory - ok... π

Pi Day in the Yahoo! Directory

Numbers > Pi > Pi Day in the Yahoo! Directory - whole category?

Pi Day -

Pi Day - math geeks holiday...

Friday, March 11, 2005

Blog hell, why do I have 3 blogs?

So now... I have this blog. (Blog #2) (#1 Blog since Spet. 1st, 1996)

and a blog I can post stuff from my cellular phone with.... this blog

Thursday, March 10, 2005

When AdWords go bad.

Google Search: buy dog poop online - look on the right hand side.. no wonder I don't buy shit on Ebay...

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Daypop - a current events/weblog/news search engine

The Red Balloon

The Red Balloon - Pinpoint Productions and presents the most informative video on industrial espionage and electronic eavesdropping ever produced. Hosted by Charles Taylor, who also shares his exciting real-world experiences through his cleverly narrated war stories, this two hour video will take you through the mysterious world of domestic and foreign espionage against both individuals and companies, as well as delving into depths of real world illegal eavesdropping. Only after understanding the complexities of so many different types of eavesdropping devices and techniques will the viewer truly appreciate the need for quality Technical Surveillance Countermeasures "TSCM" services and the equipment they must have in order to accomplish their complex job. Also, included in this video is a discussion of how to assess your threat levels, as well as a discussion of the legal issues surrounding electronic eavesdropping and TSCM services. Whether you are a simple curiosity seeker or someone needing to increase their knowledge of these subjects, this video will open a whole new world to you.

Monday, March 07, 2005


FilmWise - guess the name of the film.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What i am doing today.....

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Dallas website designers, SEO, Dallas Internet Advertising Agencies: Organic Search Engine Optimization : website trouble shooting, website advertising, Interactive Internet Marketing, search engine submissions.



Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Library of Congress

Alphabetical List of September 11 Web Archive Contents - so ok like my website is listed in the reference library of the library of congress for september 11... hmm


Clubplanet - club listings, guest lists, nightlife, new years, new years eve, clubbing, nightclubs | nightlife, nightlife style, night club, new years, new years eve, nite club, nightclub, nightclubs, clubbing.

Full Sail

Full Sail: School of Film, Art, Design, Music & Media Production - cool website

the escapeartist speaks...

the escapeartist speaks...


Blog Guide: Add-ons, tools, history and more

Happy Birthday Yahoo!

Yahoo! 10th Anniversary Ice Cream Giveaway


Queen Bunny

Queen Bunny - very cool bartender type person who i met on Friendster

Cool Websites Lives!!

Dallas Texas, Dallas Websites :: Dallas Texas Cool Websites, Cool Web Sites Organization - Cool Flash, Cool Web Sites! CoolWebsites.Org is still 100% virtually lint free cool flash websites. Looking for cool flash website design? The best