Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Google accused of aiding movie pirates

"Google has been accused of helping Web site operators who are being sued for enabling online movie piracy, court documents show.
Google is not named as a defendant in the lawsuit, which was filed by a group of major movie studios against two owners of sites like EasyDownloadCenter.com and TheDownloadPlace.com. The sites allegedly sold software to help people search for movies on peer-to-peer file-sharing networks and download them to their hard drive.
The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York in 2005, alleges that the defendants created the false impression that their sites were legal and promoted them as sponsored links that were displayed when people searched for certain recently released films on Google's search site. In response to the lawsuit, the defendants deny the allegations and say Google suggested using the movie names as keywords to be purchased. "
Google accused of aiding movie pirates CNET News.com

Yahoo Mail integrates IM

"Beginning Monday, some Yahoo Mail users will be able to chat in real time through their e-mail program. Yahoo said in November that it would embed instant-messaging technology directly into its Yahoo Mail program so that users wouldn't have to open up--or even install--Yahoo Messenger or another IM ,service to chat with each other online.
The rollout is set to be phased over several months. Google added chat to Gmail a year ago, but the experience is not as integrated as the new Yahoo Mail chat functionality, Yahoo has said. AOL's AIM Triton offers integrated e-mail, instant messaging, SMS text messaging, and voice and video chat."
Yahoo Mail integrates IM CNET News.com

Yahoo runs mobile phone advertising in 18 nations

"Yahoo said on Sunday it has signed up top corporate advertisers to use its advertising system to run brand ads on mobile phones in 18 countries, marking a major diversification beyond computers.
The Internet media company has begun offering its brand advertising to reach mobile phone users across markets in Western Europe, South Asia and the Americas, capitalizing on its prowess in supplying Web advertising to computer users.
Yahoo said it has signed up major advertisers including Hilton's Embassy Suites, Infiniti, Intel, Nissan, Pepsi, Procter & Gamble Asia-Pacific and Singapore Airlines. They will be among the initial advertisers on Yahoo's mobile advertising system. "
Yahoo runs mobile phone advertising in 18 nations CNET News.com

Selling shovels to Web 2.0 gold miners

"While popular video-sharing and social-networking sites try to strike it rich, a new crop of entrepreneurs is forging the tools for digging up those Web 2.0 gold mines.
Venture capitalists are spending big on start-ups that are peripheral to sites like MySpace, Facebook and YouTube. Companies such as Panjea, Vuvox, Mixpo and Share2Me give fans of Web video and photo-sharing the ability to easily reformat or repost multimedia content that's already floating around out on the Web. These little companies are taking a page from the old saying about the California gold rush: It wasn't the gold miners who got rich, it was the guys who sold them the shovels. "
Selling shovels to Web 2.0 gold miners CNET News.com

Belgian court rules against Google over copyright

"A Belgian court ruled on Tuesday that Google may not reproduce extracts from a variety of Belgian newspapers, imperiling one of the Web search leader's most popular services if other courts follow suit.
The case was brought by Copiepresse, which manages copyrights for Belgium's French- and German-language newspapers and has also demanded that the French division of Internet portal Yahoo stop displaying Belgian press reports. "
Belgian court rules against Google over copyright CNET News.com:

Monday, February 12, 2007

Dave Pasternack is a Tuna?

The New Yorker : fact : content: "A poll that I recently conducted among several of David Pasternack’s friends and colleagues yielded a nearly unanimous result. The question was: if Dave were a fish, what kind would he be? The answer was: a tuna. "

- sorry.. don't know that much about fish.. i do know SEO.. and I know Dave Pasternack is a PPC twit.

Dave Pasternack is a twit. Yes, that Dave Pasternack, PPC twit

Dave Pasternack earned his MBA from New York University. An avid golfer, he lives with his wife in Long Island. New York. Note: this is Dave's new bio page, which he created because SEO isn't rocket science... but what happens when it backfires dave?

Is SEO “Rocket Science?”: A Q&A With Dave Pasternack
Q: Your article back in October created a lot of controversy in DM News and the search engine blogosphere. What's everybody so angry about?
Dave Pasternack: Everybody’s not angry: only a small percentage of readers with an inferiority complex who happen to call themselves SEO experts. The article was about the apparent demystification of the SEO field. In other words, a growing number of companies are realizing that their sites need to be designed in accordance with the basic SEO guidelines described by Google, and that this knowledge should be and is becoming incorporated as a core competence of their internal Web teams. Many SEOs feel that this sudden emergence of rationality is threatening their profession, and so, to hold on, must convince their clients that good SEO presents more complicated issues than the clients’ personnel are willing or able to master. One defensive SEO professional even said “anybody who is performing SEO services and not regularly scouring the patent filings for clues of coming changes to the Google algorithm isn’t worth their salt.” Who’s he trying to frighten? "

- the only reason i call myself and expert is because the Texas State Bar Association does, Danny Sullivan does, my employers and our clients do.. and because I have been doing organic search engine optimization sinxe 1995... back when webcrawler was just being integrated into Yahoo! search results... before Google and PPC... and i'm tired of PPC twits like you among other "seo experts" think that optimization is a "one off" or PPC is a better alternative...

Dave pasternack is a lazy ass PPC twit..

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Attorney General Links and Contact Info

Troy King (R)
(334) 242-7300
State House, 11 S. Union St. Montgomery, AL 36130http://www.ago.state.al.us
Talis J. Colberg (R)
(907) 465-3600
P.O. Box 110300, Diamond Courthouse, Juneau, AK 99811-0300http://www.law.state.ak.us/
American Samoa:
Malaetasi M. Togafau
(684) 633-4163
American Samoa Gov't, Exec. Ofc. Bldg, Utulei, Territory of American Samoa, Pago Pago, AS 96799http://www.samoanet.com/asg/asgdla97.html
Terry Goddard (D)
(602) 542-4266
1275 W. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ 85007http://www.azag.gov/
Dustin McDaniel (D)
(800) 482-8982
200 Tower Bldg., 323 Center St., Little Rock, AR 72201-2610http://www.ag.state.ar.us
Edmund G. "Jerry" Brown Jr. (D)
(916) 445-9555
1300 I St., Ste. 1740, Sacramento, CA 95814http://ag.ca.gov
John Suthers (R)
(303) 866-4500
1525 Sherman Street, Denver, CO 80203http://www.ago.state.co.us/index.cfm
Richard Blumenthal (D)
(860) 808-5318
55 Elm St., Hartford, CT 06141-0120http://www.ct.gov/ag/
District of Columbia:
Linda Singer (Acting) (D)
(202) 724-1305
John A. Wilson Building, 1350 PA Ave, NW Suite 409, Washington, DC 20009http://occ.dc.gov
Joseph R. "Beau" Biden III (D)
(302) 577-8338
Carvel State Office Bldg., 820 N. French St., Wilmington, DE 19801http://www.state.de.us/attgen
Bill McCollum (R)
(850) 414-3300
The Capitol, PL 01, Tallahassee, FL 32399-1050http://myfloridalegal.com/
Thurbert E. Baker (D)
(404) 656-3300
40 Capitol Square, SW, Atlanta, GA 30334-1300http://ganet.org/ago/
Alicia G. Limtiaco
(671) 475-3409
Judicial Center Bldg., Ste. 2-200E, 120 W. O'Brien Dr., Hagatna, Guam 96910http://www.guamattorneygeneral.com/
Mark J. Bennett (R)
(808) 586-1500
425 Queen St., Honolulu, HI 96813http://www.state.hi.us/ag/index.html
Lawrence Wasden (R)
(208) 334-2400
Statehouse, Boise, ID 83720-1000http://www2.state.id.us/ag/
Lisa Madigan (D)
(312) 814-3000
James R. Thompson Ctr., 100 W. Randolph St., Chicago, IL 60601http://illinoisattorneygeneral.gov/
Steve Carter (R)
(317) 232-6201
Indiana Government Center South - 5th Floor, 402 West Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204http://www.in.gov/attorneygeneral/
Tom Miller (D)
(515) 281-5164
Hoover State Office Bldg., 1305 E. Walnut, Des Moines, IA 50319http://www.IowaAttorneyGeneral.org
Paul Morrison (D)
(785) 296-2215
120 S.W. 10th Ave., 2nd Fl., Topeka, KS 66612-1597http://www.ksag.org/index.shtml
Greg Stumbo (D)
(502) 696-5300
State Capitol, Rm. 116, Frankfort, KY 40601http://ag.ky.gov
Charles Foti (D)
P.O. Box 94095, Baton Rouge, LA 70804-4095http://www.ag.state.la.us/
G. Steven Rowe (D)
(207) 626-8800
State House Station 6, Augusta, ME 04333http://www.state.me.us/ag
Douglas F. Gansler (D)
(410) 576-6300
200 St. Paul Place, Baltimore, MD 21202-2202http://www.oag.state.md.us
Martha Coakley (D)
(617) 727-2200
1 Ashburton Place, Boston, MA 02108-1698http://www.ago.state.ma.us
Mike Cox (R)
(517) 373-1110
P.O.Box 30212, 525 W. Ottawa St., Lansing, MI 48909-0212http://www.ag.state.mi.us
Lori Swanson (D)
(651) 296-3353
State Capitol, Ste. 102, St. Paul, MN 55155http://www.ag.state.mn.us
Jim Hood (D)
(601) 359-3680
Department of Justice, P.O. Box 220, Jackson, MS 37205-0220http://www.ago.state.ms.us/
Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon (D)
(573) 751-3321
Supreme Ct. Bldg., 207 W. High St., Jefferson City, MO 65101http://www.ago.mo.gov/
Mike McGrath (D)
(406) 444-2026
Justice Bldg., 215 N. Sanders, Helena, MT 59620-1401http://www.doj.mt.gov
Jon Bruning (R)
(402) 471-2682
State Capitol, P.O.Box 98920, Lincoln, NE 68509-8920http://www.ago.state.ne.us/
Catherine Cortez Masto (D)
(775) 684-1100
Old Supreme Ct. Bldg., 100 N. Carson St., Carson City, NV 89701http://ag.state.nv.us/
New Hampshire:
Kelly Ayotte (R)
(603) 271-3658
State House Annex, 33 Capitol St., Concord, NH 03301-6397http://www.state.nh.us/nhdoj/
New Jersey :
Stuart Rabner (D)
(609) 292-8740
Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex, 25 Market St., CN 080, Trenton, NJ 08625http://www.state.nj.us/lps/
New Mexico:
Gary King (D)
(505) 827-6000
P.O. Drawer 1508, Sante Fe, NM 87504-1508http://www.ago.state.nm.us
New York:
Andrew Cuomo (D)
(518) 474-7330
Dept. of Law - The Capitol, 2nd fl., Albany, NY 12224http://www.oag.state.ny.us
Northern Mariana Islands:
Matt Gregory
(670) 664-2341
Caller Box 10007, Capitol Hill, Saipan, MP 95960http://www.cnmiago.gov.mp/
North Carolina:
Roy Cooper (D)
(919) 716-6400
Dept. of Justice, P.O.Box 629, Raleigh, NC 27602-0629http://www.ncdoj.com/default.jsp
North Dakota:
Wayne Stenehjem (R)
(701) 328-2210
State Capitol, 600 E. Boulevard Ave., Bismarck, ND 58505-0040http://www.ag.state.nd.us
Marc Dann (D)
(614) 466-4320
State Office Tower, 30 E. Broad St., Columbus, OH 43266-0410http://www.ag.state.oh.us
W. A. Drew Edmondson (D)
(405) 521-3921
State Capitol, Rm. 112, 2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73105http://www.oag.state.ok.us
Hardy Myers (D)
(503) 378-4732
Justice Bldg., 1162 Court St., NE, Salem, OR 97301http://www.doj.state.or.us
Tom Corbett (R)
(717) 787-3391
1600 Strawberry Square, Harrisburg, PA 17120http://www.attorneygeneral.gov
Puerto Rico:
Roberto J. Sanchez-Ramos
(787) 721-2900
GPO Box 902192, San Juan, PR 00902-0192http://www.justicia.gobierno.pr
Rhode Island:
Patrick Lynch (D)
(401) 274-4400
150 S. Main St., Providence, RI 02903http://www.riag.state.ri.us
South Carolina:
Henry McMaster (R)
(803) 734-3970
Rembert C. Dennis Office Bldg., P.O.Box 11549, Columbia, SC 29211-1549http://www.scattorneygeneral.org
South Dakota:
Larry Long (R)
(605) 773-3215
1302 East Highway 14, Suite 1, Pierre, SD 57501-8501http://www.state.sd.us/attorney/
Robert E. Cooper, Jr. (D)
(615) 741-5860
500 Charlotte Ave., Nashville, TN 37243http://www.attorneygeneral.state.tn.us
Greg Abbott (R)
(512) 463-2100
Capitol Station, P.O.Box 12548, Austin, TX 78711-2548http://www.oag.state.tx.us
Mark Shurtleff (R)
(801) 538-9600
State Capitol, Rm. 236, Salt Lake City, UT 84114-0810http://attorneygeneral.utah.gov/
William H. Sorrell (D)
(802) 828-3173
109 State St., Montpelier, VT 05609-1001http://www.state.vt.us/atg
Virgin Islands:
Elliott Davis
(340) 774-5666
Dept. of Justice, G.E.R.S. Complex 488-50C Kronprinsdens Gade, St. Thomas, VI 00802
Bob McDonnell (R)
(804) 786-2071
900 E. Main St., Richmond, VA 23219http://www.oag.state.va.us
Rob McKenna (R)
(360) 753-6200
900 Fourth Street, Suite 2000, Olympia, WA 98504-0100http://www.atg.wa.gov/
West Virginia:
Darrell V. McGraw Jr. (D)
(304) 558-2021
State Capitol, 1900 Kanawha Blvd. , E., Charleston, WV 25305http://www.wvago.us/
J.B. Van Hollen (R)
(608) 266-1221
State Capitol, Ste. 114 E., P.O.Box 7857, Madison, WI 53707-7857http://www.doj.state.wi.us
Pat Crank (D)
(307) 777-7841
State Capitol Bldg., Cheyenne, WY 82002http://attorneygeneral.state.wy.us

Securing the data, not the perimeter

"SAN FRANCISCO--Art Coviello's words may have fallen on deaf ears before, but this year, people are listening.
The RSA president sees the security industry finally moving from defending the perimeter of a network to actually locking down the data within, he said in an interview. It is a message he has been repeating for years at the RSA Conference, but this year, he expects to see evidence of a response.
Coviello's words matter. Not only because he's spotted a shift that's important in a world where data breaches make headlines almost every day. His company, taken over last year by storage giant EMC, also exemplifies the ongoing consolidation and maturation of the security industry. "

Securing the data, not the perimeter Newsmakers CNET News.com:

Company offers Google ad alternative

Fast Search & Transfer unveiled on Monday a platform that will allow media companies, online classifieds and others to serve private-label, contextually relevant ads on their Web sites without having to turn to Google.
Fast AdMomentum allows companies to make money by selling ads to advertisers without involving an ad agency or network.
"Our customers said, 'We have relationships with advertisers but we need to have a plan that will allow us to build search-driven monetization solutions and we want to be able to do it ourselves,'" said Perry Solomon, vice president and general manager of media solutions at Fast, based in Oslo, Norway. "Companies are trying to preserve their business from the threat of new media companies, like Google," Solomon added.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Security gets mainstream attention at RSA

The annual RSA Conference this week is expected to show evidence of a maturing security industry with an increasing role for big-name companies.
The event has long moved far beyond its origins as a get-together for cryptogeeks. It has developed into an annual gathering for corporate IT pros and a showcase for hundreds of companies, small and large, that hawk security products and services to businesses. This year is the 16th anniversary of the event. Again change is in the air.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Google's Brand New Appeal

"Are Google investors getting spoiled? Even though Google (GOOG) managed to blow away fourth-quarter earnings on Jan. 31, its shares fell by about 1% in extended trading. The sellers may have missed the real import of the search giant's report: More than ever, it's got the entire advertising world in its sights. And this year, Google will come out with guns blazing"
Google's Brand New Appeal: