Friday, August 23, 2013

5 Reasons Candy Crush is not a RipOff? You Have to Pay to Play? (Not Really) - Friday Funneh

 Is Candy Crush a RipOff? (Not Really) - Friday Funneh

Candy Crush Tips to get you to here: Level 96 - (4th Required friend invite)

Fact of Reality: A computer game/Mobile App/Online Game is subject to machine law and sometimes, machines do miss things, not intentionally. Wireless issues, Background computing from other programs, /mobile apps and/or conflicts with browsers/Flash/CSS/HTML 5, FB-XML, etc.. things happen.

Common Complaints about Candy Crush:

(QR Codes kill kittens too, according to Scott Stratten Above (@UnMarketing)

Candy Crush Complaint #1 - "It sends Candy Crush invites to my friends not playing Candy Crush."
Reality - you sent invites to your friends, if you decline to do so, it will only send help to friends playing the game.

Candy Crush Complaint #2: "I have 5 lives, and 4 people gave me lives, how come it still only shows 5 lives?
Reality: You played 9 games didn't you?"

Candy Crush Complaint #3: "These levels are impossible!"
Reality: They are hard, but not mathematically impossible, at least so far with 95 games i have recorded. Trust me, i'm trying to disprove it, so far I haven't.

Candy Crush Complaint #4: "I have to send invites to my friends playing candy crush to get to the next level"
Reality: So do they, try not to do it during sleeping hours, so if you are playing at 2am, please wait until tomorrow morning to ask, it works better, again. trust me. 

Candy Crush Complaint #5: "Candy Crush is such a ripoff, you have to spend money to play"

Reality: So far to level 95, that has not been the case.

Other Candy Crush info.

Q: How High does Candy Crush go?

A: So far? the highest i have seen is 380??

What Do You Need To Avoid in Candy Crush?
(Don't CLICK the LINKS)

Thursday, August 08, 2013

manual webspam actions in Google Webmaster Tools

The manual action viewer delivers on a popular feature request. We hope it reassures the vast majority of webmasters who have nothing to worry about. For the small number of people who have real webspam issues to address, we hope this new information helps speed up the troubleshooting. If you have questions, come find us in the Webmaster Help Forum or stop by our Office Hours.
(Google WebSpam Office Hours?)

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: View manual webspam actions in Webmaster Tools

Friday, August 02, 2013

Multiple Country Domains in Google

 Brand websites with multiple domains, no follow tags on links correct usage

How to Use Google AdWords Display Planner

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