Thursday, January 23, 2014

GoDaddy - Bodybuilder - A New Image?

A New Image.

Instead of bikini babes...let's try...

a Reversal of Sexism in Super Bowl Ads to target Females?

From female to male nudity?

I'm NOT going to look closely at this video.. someone will...
Implied wardrobe malfunction with Danica as a distraction?

Wait.. GoDaddy changed their image?? 

From scantily clad bikini babes to almost naked beefcake?

Body issues much?

I guess Body Builders need spray tans??

Lol.. what did GoDaddy provide?

20% off.. a discount for spray tans.. so basically spray tan

store owner did a groupon? (giggles)

Groupon? 20% OFF 
Does goDaddy do Groupon type things? Is that the message they want to get across to super bowl ad viewers?

Was it an email campaign, a domain, hosting services, website design or implied, but not provided search engine optimization?

i.e. get found. What at GoDaddy will get you found?


So What's different? 

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