Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Daimler Has A Critical Facebook Page Shut Down - Strategic Marketing

German tech news site Golem.dereports that Daimler AG management has shut down a the Facebook page “Daimler Colleagues Against Stuttgart 21″ (“Stuttgart 21” is a massive urban development that has aroused a great deal of contoversy in Daimler’s home town of Stuttgart).

A spokesman for Daimler has confirmed the event, but claims that insults against top management, not employees’ freedom of expression, were at issue. On the Facebook page, Chancellor Angela Merkel and Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche were described as being “at the head of a pack of liars.”

At least five Daimler employees who had “liked” the Facebook page were called to the company’s HR department for discussions. According to the spokesman, “there were no consequences for the workers, but they were advised that they had violated an agreement they had signed at the beginning of their employment with the company… not to insult the company, its leadership, or other employees online.”

Daimler Has A Critical Facebook Page Shut Down - Marc E. Babej - Strategic Marketing - Forbes

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