Saturday, March 05, 2011

Life Settlement - Agent's Sales Journal

Forty-four percent of agents believe there is a potential for additional income from life settlements over the next 12 months — and industry experts overwhelmingly agree. Although 2010 sales were notably sluggish because of reduced capital entering the market and rising life expectancy numbers, the industry appears poised for greater interest from investors over the next 12 months.

Life Settlement Broker Clark Hogan, managing director at Opulen Capital, said he is tremendously optimistic about 2011 sales.

“There will be strong buying activity occurring and increasing volume and speed in Q1 and Q2 [of this year],” Hogan said. “This is experiential, as far as we’re concerned. We have seen an uptick in portfolio trades … and we have seen significantly increased [life settlement] purchases, or at least significant offers.”

Could 2011 be the Year of the Life Settlement? - Life Settlement - Agent's Sales Journal
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