Friday, February 04, 2011

Optimizing your site for TV is now easier - Google Code

Ever since we launched Google TV last October, we’ve seen web developers optimize their sites for TV with amazing results. However, designing a 10 foot UI and implementing controls optimized for the television is still a foreign concept for most web developers. Understanding that challenge, we’re happy to release new templates and a UI library to make it easy for developers to optimize their sites for TV.

Google TV comes with the Chrome browser that supports familiar technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and Flash. Keeping this in mind, we have created two template designs in HTML5 and Flash that are focused on delivering video content, but equally suitable for photos or other multimedia:

- maybe even do keyword research on the subject matter and optimize the script for keywords relevant to the companies website. - @steveplunkett

Optimizing your site for TV is now easier - The official Google Code blog
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