Friday, February 11, 2011

The Future of Google's Visual Phone Search?

Google Goggles lets you search by taking a picture of landmarks, books, business cards, artwork, product labels, logos, and text. It can use Optical Character Recognition to transform text in an image to searchable text on the Web, reads barcodes, finds similar images in databases of artwork and landmarks and other databases. But, we’re only seeing the surface of the capabilities that a phone based visual search can offer with Google Goggles.
A Google patent application published this week shows us what Google’s visual Search for phones might evolve into. When you take a picture of a city street, your picture may include buildings, street signs, people’s faces, cars, and many other objects. If you send that picture as a query, the search engine might break the image into parts and search for many of the objects in the image, and give you a mix of search results based upon all of those parts.
The Future of Google's Visual Phone Search?
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