Monday, August 02, 2010

Old Spice's 'Your Man' Meme Starts to Fade -

"No viral meme can last forever, right? As good as Old Spice's 'Responses' campaign was, it's peaked and is now in a downward slide, losing 70% of its audience on the web last week.

Mind you, down 70% for Isaiah Mustafa still meant more than 11 million views for the customized YouTube responses alone and four of the top 10 slots on the Viral Chart. All versions of the Old Spice videos -- ads, responses and Odor Blocker videos -- have racked up 130 million views on the web since February, according to Visible Measures."

Old Spice's 'Your Man' Meme Starts to Fade - Advertising Age - Digital: Viral Video Charts

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