Monday, February 12, 2007

Dave Pasternack is a twit. Yes, that Dave Pasternack, PPC twit

Dave Pasternack earned his MBA from New York University. An avid golfer, he lives with his wife in Long Island. New York. Note: this is Dave's new bio page, which he created because SEO isn't rocket science... but what happens when it backfires dave?

Is SEO “Rocket Science?”: A Q&A With Dave Pasternack
Q: Your article back in October created a lot of controversy in DM News and the search engine blogosphere. What's everybody so angry about?
Dave Pasternack: Everybody’s not angry: only a small percentage of readers with an inferiority complex who happen to call themselves SEO experts. The article was about the apparent demystification of the SEO field. In other words, a growing number of companies are realizing that their sites need to be designed in accordance with the basic SEO guidelines described by Google, and that this knowledge should be and is becoming incorporated as a core competence of their internal Web teams. Many SEOs feel that this sudden emergence of rationality is threatening their profession, and so, to hold on, must convince their clients that good SEO presents more complicated issues than the clients’ personnel are willing or able to master. One defensive SEO professional even said “anybody who is performing SEO services and not regularly scouring the patent filings for clues of coming changes to the Google algorithm isn’t worth their salt.” Who’s he trying to frighten? "

- the only reason i call myself and expert is because the Texas State Bar Association does, Danny Sullivan does, my employers and our clients do.. and because I have been doing organic search engine optimization sinxe 1995... back when webcrawler was just being integrated into Yahoo! search results... before Google and PPC... and i'm tired of PPC twits like you among other "seo experts" think that optimization is a "one off" or PPC is a better alternative...

Dave pasternack is a lazy ass PPC twit..

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