Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Alien Encounter: Alienware Calls on M/C/C

M/C/C to mastermind public relations program for leading manufacturer of high-performance PC technology

Dallas, Texas – Aug. 21, 2006 – When it comes to the computer gaming industry, Alienware Corporation, a leading manufacturer of high-performance PCs, has one of the most well-known and best-performing products in the galaxy. The company wanted to attack new markets, but outside of the gaming industry, Alienware remains relatively unknown, despite the machines’ performance capabilities. Through an extensive search process, Alienware selected M/C/C as its agency of record to build awareness and boost credibility in new markets.

“We built our business around gamers and the games they play, but the high-performance machines we’ve created can benefit a number of varied user groups,” Mark Vena, Vice President of Marketing for Alienware, said. “We brought in M/C/C to help us enhance our exposure and credibility as we pursue a leadership position in new markets.”

Founded in 1996 by avid gamers Nelson Gonzalez and Alex Aguila with a $13,000 initial investment, Alienware has grown to become the leading manufacturer of high-performance computer desktop, notebook, media center and professional systems in just 10 years. The company offers award-winning products that incorporate innovative components, superb engineering and unparalleled customer service to deliver the ultimate in performance and style.

It has been a busy time for Alienware, which has had several product releases in recent months, and an innovative PR strategy is crucial for the company’s numerous upcoming releases and appearances.

“Alienware has risen to the top of a very cool and innovative industry, and, therefore, the company has a wealth of experience with creativity and vision – two traits that we have in common,” said M/C/C President and Founder Mike Crawford. “Now, as we look to apply these qualities to new industries, M/C/C will be a valuable partner in Alienware’s mission to expand into new markets in original and imaginative ways.”

About M/C/C
Dallas-based M/C/C is a public relations firm and advertising agency exclusively serving the technology industry. M/C/C offers marketing, advertising, public relations, cyberactive services and research for customers ranging from growing start-ups to some of the world’s largest technology companies. Several of M/C/C’s clients are leaders in the technology industry, including CapRock Communications, L-3 Communications Infrared Products, NextiraOne (now Black Box Network Services) and SYSTIMAX Solutions. M/C/C’s Website can be accessed at www.mccom.com.

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