Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Yahoo looks to users for video ads

CNET News.com: "Yahoo is urging consumers to come up with videos touting its Web site's new redesign.
On Monday, the company launched a site promoting videos shot by film students, and asked the general public to join in with their own video submissions. The short videos are meant to highlight the redesign of Yahoo's home page and to illustrate the theme 'Yahoo has changed.'
Yahoo and its ad agency asked film students from the Parsons School of Design, the San Francisco Art Institute, Yale University, and the London Film Academy to submit the videos. The ad agency provided the students with a choice of film scripts based on the theme. The student videos are being shown on the Yahoo Network, ComedyCentral.com, E Online, MTV.com, TheOnion.com and VH1.com.
Yahoo hopes to soon air user-created videos online as well as part of the campaign, said Meagan Busath, a Yahoo spokeswoman. 'We are really excited to involve our users in the launch of the Yahoo home page,' she said. The company thinks that a lot of creative and funny videos are going to come out of this campaign, she added."

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