Monday, May 15, 2006

Syncing high-def music with digital generation

CNET "Elvis Presley would judge the recording quality of his songs by whether the sound 'moved him or not,' says music producer Elliot Mazer.
After four decades producing some of the recording industry's biggest artists, everyone from Janice Joplin to Switchfoot, Mazer has developed his own test. He asks himself: 'Can you enjoy the music when it's playing at a low level?'
In the digital age, too often the answer is no. Much is lost when cramming Joplin's booming vocals or the rich guitar play of Pete Townshend or Jimi Hendrix into tiny digital files, Mazer says.
The rise of digital music players has made it easier to cart hundreds of songs around but has done little to improve listening experience, say music aficionados. A popular misconception is that digital music has to produce sound quality inferior to compact discs.
Not so, say companies such as MusicGiants and Sonos, which offer audiophiles a chance to listen to digital music in quality every bit as good as CDs. "

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