Friday, May 05, 2006

Spam War Knocks Out Blogs

Wired News: "An Israeli antispam company said Thursday that a junk e-mailer's vendetta is behind attacks this week that took down its site, five hosting providers and one of the internet's largest blog networks.
The website of Blue Security, a service that sends automated opt-out requests to e-mailers identified as spammers, has been down since Tuesday, shortly after users began receiving threatening messages from a purported junk mailer.
Company officials said a spammer who goes by the name 'PharmaMaster' and is believed to be based in Russia orchestrated attacks that brought down its site and those of several firms affiliated with Blue Security.
'He basically bribed somebody at a top-tier ISP,' said Eran Reshef, Blue Security's founder and CEO. 'He was basically able to breach into the backbone of the internet.'
Reshef described the initial attack as 'the opposite of a denial of service,' in which a target site is overwhelmed with incoming packets of data. PharmaMaster, according to Reshef, made sure that traffic could not get to the site, which is 'something that the backbone can do.'"

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