Monday, May 15, 2006

Search sites answer calls for visual, community results

CNET "For information seekers, the days of culling Web search pages, 10 machine-generated hyperlinks at a time, may be numbered.
On Monday, Yahoo takes the next step to realize its vision of combining human advice with machine automation to offer more relevant ways of searching the Web.
It is using the millions of human suggestions from its recently introduced Yahoo Answers to complement the mathematically organized features of its core search system.
'It's the right time now to augment Web search results with some human touch,' said Tim Mayer, Yahoo's product manager for Web search. 'We are making search better by allowing users to tap into the collective knowledge of other people.'
Meanwhile, Web search inventor Bill Gross, who sold the system to Yahoo, is set to unveil a new version of his latest project. One of his Idealab companies,, is aimed at broadband users and gives people visual snapshots of Web sites before they click. "

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