Thursday, April 13, 2006

Google Launches Google Calendar : "Google yesterday launched a new Web-based calendar service that will let users add meetings and events using their own words. Dubbed Google Calendar, a beta version of the service is live and available here.

In development for 'several months,' the service initially will be integrated with Google's Gmail e-mail service, according to Carl Sjogereen, a Google product manager. (Go here to read what Harry McCracken, PC World's editor in chief, thinks of the new service.)
Bloggers have been speculating about Google's possible entry into the calendar space for more than a year, and some believe that the search engine giant's involvement could spur a flurry of Web calendar development.
'I sure as hell hope they do it,' wrote Yahoo engineer Jeremy Zawodny in a February blog posting last year. 'There's been so little innovation in the world of on-line calendars these last few years. Perhaps Google getting into the act would finally change that.' "

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