Monday, April 24, 2006

Corporate search needs to heed workers, Google exec says

CNET "The corporate search market is held back by the industry's focus on improving the technology rather than pleasing the worker, according to Google's head of enterprise search.
Known across the globe for consumer search, Google has sizable ambitions to serve business customers as well. Last week, the company introduced two search appliances aimed at corporations and gave details of third-party partnerships for technology to search specialized document types.
Speaking at the Search Engine Meeting conference here Monday, Dave Girouard, general manager of Google's enterprise search business, diagnosed why the corporate search market is dwarfed by the consumer search market by roughly a factor of 10.
Because consumers can easily switch search engines, there is a great deal of 'Darwinism' among Web search vendors, he said, meaning that those who are most successful at meeting people's needs are the ones that survive. "

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