Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Should Your Boss Be Blogging? "Anil Dash helped bring blogs to the masses. Now he wants to move them into corporate America.
Dash, the vice president of professional products at software firm Six Apart, is one of the key reasons why seemingly everyone has started a blog: His company's TypePad, Movable Type and LiveJournal products and Web sites have helped more than 12 million bloggers start posting. Of course, Dash keeps multiple blogs himself.
Now Six Apart wants to get more blogs onto corporate Web sites and networks. Dash says the company's TypePad Business Class and Movable Type Enterprise, which are both launching today, will make it easier for corporate users to maintain blogs. The new version of TypePad is meant for companies that want the public to see what their employees are blogging about, while the Movable Type update is designed for companies that want to run the software with many internal users at one time. 'From the CIO's standpoint, we're trying to make blogs as boring as possible,' says Dash."

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