Monday, March 13, 2006

Microsoft takes on Yahoo, Google for Web ad dollars

CNET "Microsoft's top saleswoman for Web advertising, Joanne Bradford, spent her first few years on the job secretly wondering if the software giant was serious about cashing in on the Internet.
When she joined Microsoft in 2001, the company lacked a search engine of its own and had no clear Web advertising strategy. Google and Yahoo made multibillion-dollar businesses of search-related advertising while Microsoft waited.
'I wasn't sure the first couple of years that we were here to stay,' said Bradford, Microsoft's corporate vice president for global sales and marketing. 'I thank Yahoo and Google for proving that a software company can be a media company and a media company can be a software company.'
These days, Microsoft is very serious about grabbing a larger piece of the $15 billion U.S. market for Internet advertising with a revamped search engine and a new system called AdCenter to sell pay-per-click ads across the company's Web content and services. "

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