Thursday, March 30, 2006

Google does K Street

CNET "Google is setting up a political operation in Washington and collecting big-name lobbyists with Republican connections faster than you can search the Web for Jack Abramoff.
At first, I thought it was another of those famed Google April Fools' Day jokes, just a week early. They may have pioneered a new business model, but they're apparently relying on politics-as-usual. The question is, why do they have to?
Google argues that it has to play the game to maintain the ability of all Internet users to get quality, high-speed access to the Web. If the Internet service providers--Comcast, TimeWarner and others--are able to charge for transmitting information over the pipes, the Internet could become segregated into haves and have-nots. This is why Network neutrality--or Net neutrality--is important, and it is a good thing that Google is opposing the ISPs on this. "

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